‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Confirm Zach Shallcross’ Final Rose Recipient

Bachelor Final Rose Spoilers

Heavy/ABC "The Bachelor" final rose spoilers for Zach Shallcross are out.

This season on ABC’s “The Bachelor,” lead Zach Shallcross is serious about finding his future wife. Previous spoilers have revealed his supposed final rose recipient, and new teasers that recently emerged confirm them. Which lady is said to be the last woman standing in season 27?

Warning! Major “The Bachelor” spoilers ahead!

Zach Shallcross’ Final Rose Goes to Kaity Biggar

Recently, spoiler guru Reality Steve revealed final rose ceremony information he had received. According to his sources, Shallcross chooses Kaity Biggar over runner-up Gabi Elnicki. As “The Bachelor” fans saw earlier in the season, Biggar got a very special one-on-one date with Shallcross where they spent the night together in a museum. That made her an early frontrunner, and while he has built connections with some of his other bachelorettes as well, it seems in the end, nobody topped what he found with Biggar.

A number of “Bachelor” fans doubted Reality Steve’s spoilers regarding Biggar receiving Shallcross’ final rose. Some rumors suggested Elnicki received that honor instead, but new information recently emerged that solidifies Biggar’s win. Photos taken after the final rose ceremony during filming have surfaced and they show Bigger with Shallcross’ final rose.

Photos Show Shallcross & Biggar Celebrating After the Rose Ceremony

On February 28, “The Bachelor” sub on Reddit posted photos that appear to confirm Reality Steve’s previous final rose spoilers for Shallcross’ season. The Reddit thread linked to a collage of several images that show Shallcross with a woman who appears to be Biggar. The first photo shows Shallcross in his suit standing at the spot set up for the final rose ceremony. The second snapshot shows Shallcross from behind, helping a blond woman in a long white gown climb into a boat. The third picture shows the woman, seemingly Biggar, holding a rose and standing in the boat as Shallcross climbs in himself. The photos do not show Biggar from the front, but it certainly appears to be her. Reality Steve’s “Bachelor spoilers revealed Shallcross took Elnicki, Biggar, and Ariel Frenkel on Fantasy Suite overnight dates, and Biggar is the only blond out of that group.

The photos generated a great deal of discussion on Reddit. Even those fans who had previously doubted Reality Steve or hoped he was wrong seemed willing to accept that the new pictures confirm Biggar and Shallcross end up together.

“They are literally perfect for each other. I haven’t felt this way [about] a [final one] in a while,” one Redditor noted.

“I’m not surprised. I just feel like you can FEEL it between Kaity and Zach. Plus she lives in Austin too so they might have a real chance at lasting,” added another.

“Time to lay my Gabi-F1 tinfoil hat down. I really like Gabi and thought she and Zach would’ve been great together, but oh well! I’ll be rooting for my girl on [Bachelor in Paradise],” someone else suggested.

“I’m happy to see this confirmation. Their relationship has just felt different from any of the others all season,” another “Bachelor” fan detailed. “They had such heart eyes talking to each other… Interesting there was no hiding this love story all season though,” that Redditor continued.

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