2 Men Bachelor Villain Tammy Ly Hopes to See on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Tammy Ly

ABC Tammy Ly on an episode of The Bachelor.

Tammy Ly feuded with Kelsey Weier and Mykenna Dorn before getting eliminated and finishing ninth place on The Bachelor. But even though those conflicts made a villain on the show and subsequently brought on backlash from fans on social media, it sounds like Ly expects to make an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise in 2021.

“We have two sets of guys and two sets of girls who are going to be on the beach,” Ly said in an appearance on Olivia Caridi’s Mouthing Off podcast. “We’re going to have a big raging party on the beach.”

Ly, 25, said that her villain portrayal wouldn’t dissuade her from making more appearances in the franchise and that she already has her eyes on a couple men she could potentially pursue.

“Probably Blake Moynes … I mean he’s good friends with me now, we talk all the time,” Ly said. “I don’t know how it’s going to be on other platforms.”

Moynes previously spoke about a possible appearance on Bachelor in Paradise, and listed three women he’d be interested in pursuing, none of whom were Ly.

“Bennett [Jordan],” Ly said for a second option. “He’s kind of like a sarcastic New Yorker and I kinda love that. Those people can take it with the sarcasm and not be butt-hurt about it. I’m definitely not a … person who gets along with someone with a sensitive personality.”

Jordan hasn’t said much about the prospects of being on Bachelor in Paradise, but both ABC executive Robert Mills and The Bachelor host Chris Harrison have made it clear they think he’s a perfect fit.

Ly Hopes Her Previous Feuds Can Be Left in the Past

Ly was the center of plenty of drama during her six-episode stretch on the show. She told Peter Weber that Weier was having a “mental breakdown” and “drinking excessively,” which eventually led to a canceled cocktail party and a lot of women frustrated with Ly. Later she battled with Dorn, who she accused of being on the show to help her personal brand.

In the year since the show aired, Ly says her relationships with Weier and Dorn have improved … barely. She and Weier spoke after the “Women Tell All” and agreed to be cordial and keep their distance. While Ly and Dorn didn’t speak after the show, they’ve been relatively friendly on social media.

When Caridi asked if old drama could resurface if Weier and/or Dorn are on Bachelor in Paradise, Ly shrugged it off.

“I was never going to plan on bringing up things anyway, because I don’t dwell on the past,” Ly said. “If they’re going to dwell on the past, that’s up to them, but I want no part in it. It no longer involves me.”

Ly Called Out Producers for Manufacturing Drama

Ly and Jordan have something in common — both were on the losing end of a two-on-one date.

In Jordan’s case, it was ongoing drama between him and Noah Erb that proved to be his demise. But Ly came to Jordan’s defense on Twitter, accusing producers of pushing him to pick fights with the contestant.

Caridi asked Ly if that tweet was a not-so-subtle indication that producers convinced her to start drama.

“I tweet things based on my own experiences,” Ly said. “I won’t say yes or no, but I just want everyone to take the whole entire context of the situation and the people that we are, not just the people you see on TV, then you can make an educated guess.”

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