Did Tayshia Adams Spill a ‘Bachelorette’ Spoiler About Getting Engaged or Not?

Tayshia Adams

ABC Tayshia Adams started her journey on The Bachelorette in episode five.

Tayshia Adams says she wasn’t on the hunt for a fiancé when she took over for Clare Crawley on The Bachelorette. On the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with former Bachelorette leads Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay, Adams said that her goal was to leave the season with a solid relationship, not an engagement.

“I told [the contestants], ‘I don’t think I’m going to get engaged at the end of this. I think I might just leave with a boyfriend or whatever,'” Adams said. “And they honestly said, ‘We’re not going to pressure you to do anything. You do what your heart wants.’ And so I didn’t ever really feel that pressure like ‘Oh god, I need to find a husband like right now.'”

While that doesn’t slam shut the possibility of Adams getting engaged in the season finale, it certainly makes a proposal sound less likely. And that makes sense given the relatively vague spoilers that have leaked out about the remainder of her season of The Bachelorette.


“Next week we get Tayshia coming in and, well, if you want a ‘Bachelorette’ that’s basically a 180 from Clare, here it comes,” spoilers expert Reality Steve reported in October. “That’s neither good or bad. I’m just telling you, it’s gonna be different. And by the way, you better enjoy the Clare/Dale love story this season – because that’s the only one you’re getting.”

Clare Crawley found love and got engaged in just 12 days of filming. While Reality Steve’s report makes it sound as though Adams’ season ends in disaster, it could just be an indication that the show doesn’t end with an engagement — something that Adams was evidently okay with from the start.

It’s Not Clear If Tayshia Adams Is in a Relationship Now

Reality Steve has already reported a lot about the final weeks of the season. He says that Brendan Morais (the star of episode five) is a favorite for Adams, but he elects to leave the show due to the struggle to get over his relatively recent divorce.

With only Ben Smith and Zac Clark remaining, Reality Steve says Adams awards Clark her final rose; however, there is no proposal and engagement to conclude the season.

Are Adams and Clark still together now? That’s “anybody’s guess” for now, according to Reality Steve. The “Men Tell-All” episode of the season was filmed on the same day Adams’ debut episode was aired, so more details about the status relationship could surface soon.

Tayshia’s Season Could Be Have First ‘Bachelorette’ Finale Ever Without a Proposal

Even for a franchise with a myriad of unexpected endings, Adams ending her season without a proposal at all would be relatively unprecedented. Every other season of The Bachelorette show ended with a proposal, and only one didn’t have an engagement. Way back in season three of the show, Jen Schefft chose Jerry Ferris in the finale, but rejected his proposal.

Ending a season without a proposal in much more commonplace on The Bachelor where nine of the 24 seasons finished without one.

Technically, The Bachelorette already perpetuated its proposal streak to 16 straight by having Dale Moss and Clare Crawley get engaged in episode four. But an especially peculiar season looks to be on track to continue down its oddball path.

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