Tayshia Adams Broke Things Off With Zac Clark: Source

ABC/Getty Images Tayshia Adams may have been the one to break off her engagement.

Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark have split. After about a week of rumors that the two had ended their engagement, a rep for the former “Bachelorette” star confirmed the news to People magazine on November 22, 2021.

“Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark are no longer a couple,” the rep said. The breakup comes just after the two teamed up to run the New York City marathon together.

“The untold story about @tayshia is one of humility and courage. She would never tell the world how truly inspiring her performance was yesterday at the @nycmarathon but I will. Leading up to Sunday she did dozens of interviews where she could have talked about her chronic knee/back pain or her inability to train due to her insane schedule but instead she talked about her charity of choice, @worldvisionusa, and how grateful she was for all the support from family, friends, fans and strangers. She is allergic to excuses. She could have bailed at anytime in the past four months, her PR team would have handled it, but that is just not who she is. She said she was going to do something and she did it,” Zac wrote in a candid post on November 8, 2021.

So, what exactly went wrong?

A Source Said That it Was Tayshia That Broke Things Off

While fans try to figure out what happened between Zac and Tayshia, one source claimed to know someone close to Zac who said that it was Tayshia who ended things.

“I am close with one of [Zac’s] best friends. Tayshia ended it. It was not mutual,” one person wrote on Reddit.

Another person claiming to know someone else close to Zac said that it was Tayshia’s want for fame that caused a divide in the relationship.

“My friend is a friend of his and apparently she was way too into being famous and he’s just was not into that,” a source commented on Amanda Hirsch’s Instagram post about the split.

Before People confirmed the split, it appears that Tayshia untagged Zac from any and all photos she has of him on her Instagram account. The two still appear to follow one another, and they have not released any personal statements about their failed engagement.

There Have Been Rumors About Something Going Down at the Marathon

There have been a number of rumors that Zac was very hard on Tayshia during the marathon — perhaps giving her some tough love. At least one person sent in a blind that claimed that they saw Zac and Tayshia at the marathon and witnessed Zac really pushing Tayshia and not allowing her to walk.

After completing the marathon, Tayshia took to Instagram to share a post about her amazing accomplishment, but didn’t say much about Zac.

“Again, just want to say thank you to each and every one of you that cheered me along the way. For my best friend James, who flew out to be by my side and helped see my final miles through. And for Z, for running with me every step of the way. But more importantly thank you @worldvisionusa for helping fulfill my purpose in life helping children around the world,” she wrote, in part.

Following the marathon, Tayshia had a kidney issue and needed to go to the hospital. However, she was supposedly out and about with Zac shortly thereafter — so it’s really unclear when things really went south to the point of no return.

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