‘Bachelorette’ Opens up About Her Mom: ‘That’s Just Who She Is’

A mother and daughter

Pixabay A daughter blows bubbles with her mother.

Viewers often learn a lot about a contestant’s family and upbringing when they join “The Bachelorette” or “The Bachelor.” Fans get to “meet” the extended families toward the end of the season and often learn even more after filming via a contestant’s social media posts. This season, Gabby Windey has been quite open about the difficulties she has had with her mother. In contrast, Tayshia Adams recently gushed over her mom, and many fans were charmed by what she shared.

Here’s what you need to know:

Adams Praised Her “Selfless” Mother

The former “Bachelorette” star recently hosted her mom and brother in New York City for a visit. At one point, Adams shared a slide on an Instagram story where she gave everybody some valuable insight into not just her mom, but also into her relationship with her mom.

The now-expired Instagram story was captured and shared on Reddit, and “Bachelorette” fans had a lot to say about it. The photo showed Adams’ mom in a store, and she had a Louis Vuitton handbag slung over her shoulder. There was a lengthy caption included, where Adams explained she wanted to share “a little about this lady right here.”

“The most selfless human being, will give you her last dollar, the shirt off her back, last bite of food, run to the end of the Earth for anyone just to make them smile/because that’s just who she is.”

Adams explained her family was not wealthy as she grew up, and her parents worked hard to send the “Bachelorette” star and her siblings to a private school. They needed help from their friends, community, and church to get by at times, and her parents always put their kids first. “In pouring so much into us my parents never really had the chance to treat themselves.”

She Wanted to Treat Her Mom

Adams also shared that her mom’s purse was stolen out of her car last month. During her mom’s visit to New York City, Adams decided she “wanted to surprise my momma with something she’s never had.” While Adams noted, “material things aren’t everything,” she also acknowledged, “it felt good to buy her something she’s always wanted. A cute LV bag!”

The commentary on Reddit regarding Adams’ post was rather mixed. “Very raw and real,” one person noted. “Being able to take care of the parents is truly the dream! I know she felt so good doing this,” another person commented.

On the other hand, quite a few others critiqued Adams’ description of her upbringing, questioning how much they could have struggled financially if they put four kids through private school. In addition, some “Bachelorette” fans referenced the $20,000 Paycheck Protection Programs Loan Adams took out during the COVID-19 pandemic, feeling she had taken advantage of that opportunity. A few Redditors also questioned Adams’ authenticity in posting about this.

“I think this is sweet….but also rich (no pun intended) coming from a gal who took PPP loans for her ~business~ at a time when people were really struggling,” pointed out someone else.

“I’m side eyeing that a little but I respect her parents in working hard to put them through” private school, another person admitted.

“I’m gonna be alone in this but posting you bought your mom an expensive pursue screams ‘look at me, tell me how sweet I am’ doing something nice for someone and then posting it comes across as self serving to me,” critiqued someone else.

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