Tayshia Adams’ Recent Whereabouts May Hint at The Bachelorette’s Ending

Tayshia Adams

ABC/Craig Sjodin Tayshia Adams is all smiles on a date.

Tayshia Adams has done a really good job at not spoiling the ending of her season of The Bachelorette. While she wore a ring on her left hand in an Instagram video and she described Zac Clark as “husband material” on The Ellen Show, hints at the ending of the show have been few and far between.

But one Reddit user may have broke the season wide open when they said they spotted Adams at the Newark, New Jersey airport. If true, that’d be a secret trip for Adams, who usually keeps her social media followers up to date on her various adventures. And the likeliest reason for the hush-hush visit to the East Coast would be to visit Clark, who lives just a dozen or so miles away from Newark in New York City.

According to “hgeezy123,” Adams was “wearing a cute brown jumpsuit, black sneakers and a ~fancy tote~” while going through the security line at the airport.

The possible spoiler was posted on Reddit on Sunday, December 13, just one day after Adams posted a photo on Instagram that shows her wearing something awfully close to what the user described:

The other three contestants: Ivan Hall, Brendan Morais, and Ben Smith live in Texas, Massachusetts, and California, respectively. A trip to see Morais in Boston that included a stop in Newark could make sense, but if she was truly in the security line, it suggests it was a departure flight for Adams.

The most logical explanation for the supposed trip would be a visit with Clark, who celebrated his parents’ 45th wedding anniversary the same day as the post on Reddit.

Spoilers Have Been Especially Unclear for The Bachelorette

Spoilers expert Reality Steve has essentially thrown his hands up at this point. After admitting to several mistakes about his previous reporting about Adams’ time as The Bachelorette, he now says, “at this point, it’s anybody’s guess. I do not know for sure what happens as of now.”

Before Adams even took over as the show’s lead, Reality Steve warned viewers to appreciate the love story of Clare Crawley and Dale Moss, “because that’s the only one you’re getting.” He later reported Clark would get the final rose, but there would be no proposal and he cast doubt about the current status of the couple’s relationship.

Most recently, Reality Steve said “two different people” told him that Adams chose Clark at the end, but the couple didn’t last long, and she’s recently rekindled a relationship with Morais.

With Reality Steve really not sure what’s going in with Adams’ season of The Bachelorette, a trip to visit Clark seems perfectly feasible for Adams.

Tayshia Adams Told Zac Clark She’s Falling in Love With Him

While Adams has said she’s developing feelings of love for multiple contestants, Clark is the only one through the first 10 episodes of the season to hear that he’s one of those men.

When Ellen DeGeneres asked Adams if the speed at which those feelings developed is giving away the show’s ending, Adams said it “just felt right” in the moment.

“I did do something that you’re not really supposed to do, just because you don’t want to say it to too many people,” Adams said. “But at the same time, I’m here to find my person, so if it’s what I feel then why not say it?”

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