‘The Bachelor’ 2021: Meet the Women

Season 25 of 'The Bachelor'

ABC/Craig Sjodin Matt James speaks with his contestants on 'The Bachelor.'

In less than a month, Matt James will take over the mantle of Bachelor for season 25 of the hit dating show. His announcement as the lead proved historic for the franchise, marking its first black Bachelor and among only a handful of leads of color.

Please be aware some spoilers for season 25 of The Bachelor may be below. 

While the season is still weeks away, fans of Bachelor Nation are finally getting some insight into who will be on the season. ABC has announced the following contestants:

Abigail Heringer, 25

Abigail Heringer is a Client Financial Manager from Beaverton, Oregon. Her turn on the show marks another first for the franchise, as she is the first hearing-impaired contestant. Despite saying they are not playing favorites, franchise host Chris Harrison adds, “I’m gonna say right away, Abigail is one of our favorites.”

With a smirk on his face, Harrison also adds she makes a “very strong first impression,” before saying “maybe check that off.” As Reality Steve has previously reported, she does receive the first impression rose.

Alana Milne, 26

Alana Milne is a Photographer hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Harrison said she was reminiscent of another Canadian member of Bachelor Nation, former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe. While she may not take the title of “Boldest Entrance This Season,” she comes close according to the host, who hints that it is related to Lady and the Tramp.

Alicia Holloway, 24

Alicia Holloway is a Professional Ballerina from New York, New York. As Harrison joked, “She really is on pointe,” as a dancer with the Dance Theater of Harlem.

Amber Andrews, 30

Amber Andrews is a Nursing Student from Costa Mesa, California. She is the season’s only mom, with a 13-year-old son Noah at home. “Needless to say, nursing student, single mom, life’s been tough on the personal front and this is her opportunity to really step out and find love and find that personal life that’s been missing,” Harrison said.

Likely to be a much-talked-about habit of Andrews, she meows when trying to get the attention of others.

Anna Redman, 24

Anna Redman is a Copywriter who lives in Chicago, Illinois, though she is originally from Minnesota. Franchise host, Harrison, noted her resemblance to former Bachelorette Hannah Brown while also referencing her similarities to the original Bachelorette, Trista Sutter. As he puts it, “really sweet girl, big bubbly personality,” though she will find herself “embroiled in one of the most dramatic moments of the season.”

Bri Springs, 24


ABC/Craig Sjodin

Bri Springs is a Communications Manager from San Francisco, California. Unable to say where she works to protect her job, Harrison just says its a major tech company. He goes on to describe her as a “total package,” who will get James’ attention. “Everybody I think will really fall for Bri,” said Harrison, describing her as, “beauty, brains, unbelievably sincere,” and a “straight shooter  [who] will always tell it like it is.”

Carolyn Vallejo, 30

Carolyn Vallejo is a Journalist from Los Angeles, California. One of the older contestants at age 30, Harrison described her as “one of the more mature women in the house.” She diverts from the average show participant, having a bit of an edge, he said while referencing her two previous engagements, tattoos and affinity for punk music. 

Casandra Suarez, 25


ABC/Craig Sjodin

Cassandra Suarez is a Social Worker from Newport Beach, California. Harrison says she is there for the ever-popular “right reasons,” noting there is “never a doubt about her intentions.” Viewers can expect her to make a splash on night one with her bold outfit where she is “ready to make a hit.”

Chelsea Vaughn, 28

Chelsea Vaughn is a Runway Model living in Brooklyn, New York. “Look, we’ve had a lot of models over the years, Chelsea is the real deal,” said Harrison, before adding she is six feet tall, just five inches shorter than James. The host described her as “one of the realest women, very sincere,” who has “real depth.”

Corrinne Jones, 22

Corrinne Jones is a Marketing Manager from Pomfret, Connecticut. While fans will have to wait to find out her story, Harrison referenced her experiencing health issues as a child. Now healthy, she works at her family’s Italian restaurant where some of her duties include responding to Yelp! reviews. “All you Karens giving her restaurant bad reviews, Corrinne’s coming for you,” jokes Harrison.

Emani Curl, 25

Emani Curl is a Realtor from Albuquerque, New Mexico. According to Harrison, she is close with her family, helping care for her younger siblings who are seven and three years old. The show’s host goes on to refer to her as “very spiritual.”

In preparation for this season, Curl decided to literally hug trees to help her get over her aversion to hugs. She chose trees because she thought they would likely equate to James’ size.

Illeana Pennetto, 25

Illeana Pennetto is a Health Food Developer from New York, New York. Harrison made a call back to the popular SNL sketch, “Schweddy Balls,” because of her work on a health supplement ball. As Harrison quipped, “We’re all about healthy balls here on The Bachelor.”

Jessenia Cruz, 27

Jessenia Cruz is a Social Media Marketer from San Antonio, Texas. As Miss El Paso in 2016, she is yet another pageant girl to grace the franchise. “I can hear the groans, I can see the eye-rolls,” said Harrison.

Harrison says she is “also not your typical pageant girl,” after saying she will remind viewers of Brown. He says she is “not afraid of ruffling feathers,” and will be a part of a moment “that will have all of Bachelor Nation talking.”

He goes on to say she will “pull a page out of Bennett’s playbook,” revealing the spoiler that she gives an insincere gift to someone else.

Kaili Anderson, 26

Kaili Anderson is a Hostess from Chicago, Illinois. Harrison wants you to remember she “works in the club scene in Chicago, because that job is going to lead to her being embroiled in a pretty big, dramatic storyline this season.” 

Anderson will have one of the boldest, and coldest, entrances ever hints Harrison. Her entrance, “definitely caught Matt’s eye and I’ll say he enjoyed it,” he continued.

Katie Thurston, 29


ABC/Craig Sjodin

Katie Thurston is a Bank Marketing Manager in Renton, Washington. She is the “resident super fan of the season,” said Harrison. She “makes her presence known the second she steps out of the limo by bringing a prized possession from home,” he said.

Noting the show has never seen anything like this, Harrison references the show’s standards and practices lawyers, saying, “Katie is going to give these poor lawyers a heart attack with what she brings to the table night one.”

Khaylah Epps, 28

Khaylah Epps is a Healthcare Advocate from Durham, North Carolina. Much like James, Epps is from North Carolina which will bring some familiarity. Harrison warns she is “someone you might one to keep an eye on,” and that she “surprised herself with the amount of emotion she showed.” 

“The biggest thing about Khaylah is her depth,” said Harrison, noting her emotional intelligence. He referred to her as warm, smart and introspective.

Kimberly Courneya, 28

Kimberly Courneya is an Airline Recruiter from Seattle, Washington. “Big bubbly personality, great sense of humor, brings a bit of Pike’s Place Market on night one,” said Harrison, referencing the famous Seattle-based market. However, “if Matt does fall in love with her, it won’t be for her throwing arm,” before calling her night one entrance, “fishy,” in reference to the famous vendors at Pike’s Place Market who throw fish. 

Kit Keenan, 21

Kit Keenan is a Socialite from New York, New York. She is the season’s youngest contestant so viewers will have to wait to see if she is ready to settle down, but Harrison does note her sincerity. Kennan grew up in the West Village of New York City with her famous mother, designer Cynthia Rowley. 

Expect to be impressed by her fashion, with Harrison saying, “she had boxes and boxes of dresses shipped to where we were, best dressed we’ve had on the show.”

Kristin Hopkins, 27

Kristin Hopkins is an Attorney from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Harrison describes her as “very sweet, not a mean bone in her body, but with that said, just trust me, don’t go up against her in the courtroom.” Playing into the tropes of the show, he referred to her as “sharp as a thorn on a rose.” 

She comes to The Bachelor after not having time for love while she focused on her career.

Lauren Maddox, 29

Lauren Maddox is a Corporate Attorney from Miami, Florida. Harrison quipped, “I do like my Laurens,” clearly referring to his ET Correspondent girlfriend, Lauren Zima.

Calling her soft-spoken, Harrison says she can turn it on when it counts, “especially on group dates.” He says she is tough, referencing a right jab.

Magi Tareke, 32

Magi Tareke is a Pharmacist from Adwa, Ethiopia. She is the season’s oldest contestant, currently living in Virginia. “I can’t say enough about this beautiful human being, sweet, impossible not to love her,” saying she comes with model looks and “sweet bubble gum wrapping.”

Harrison said Tareke will have a great story of how she came to the United States of America and is now living the American Dream. He added, “She literally hit the lottery and was able to come to America.”

Mari Pepin, 24

Mari Pepin is a Marketing Director from Odenton, Maryland, though originally from Puerto Rico. Another pageant girl who was recommended by Alayah Benavidez of Peter Weber’s season, she placed in the top 10 of Miss USA in 2019.

Despite her doing her “best to steer clear of drama, she didn’t do a good job of that,” said Harrison. He added, “sometimes with these pageant girls the drama just finds them.”

Marylynn Sienna, 28

Marylynn Sienna is an Event Coordinator from Studio City, California. Harrison warned she is “no stranger to tears,” rivaling the likes of Bachelor Nation fan-favorites Ashley Iaconetti. She “overcame a really challenging childhood,” which is unlike any previously shared on the franchise.

Though, she “unexpectedly finds herself in one of the big feuds,” because of “roommate drama, warns Harrison.

MJ Snyder, 23

MJ is a Hair Stylist from Hudson, Ohio. He describes her “as big and bold as that hair and that smile,” calling her a hype woman with a big personality who is competitive. He also notes she is “extremely comfortable in her own skin and will just put it all out there.”

Pieper James, 23

Pieper James is a Graduate Student from Happy Valley, Oregon. She is a “bit of a cerebral woman” who will have a “slow rollout of the gate” in romance, but once it gets going, there is no stopping her claims Harrison.

Describing her has having no poker face, Harrison said, “she’s that girl that what you see is what you get.” Though, he does say, she is “one of the more dynamic women.”

Rachael Kirkconnell, 24

Rachael Kirkconnell is a Graphic Designer from Cumming, Georgia. She is “just a down to earth southern girl, really personable,” said Harrison. He also notes she can be very competitive before making yet another comparison to Hannah Brown, “and Hannah Ann and all of our Hannahs.”

On night one, expect to see Kirkconnell “affected so much by the speech that Matt gives,” which Harrison notes is “a reaction I’ve never seen before on night one.”

Saneh Ste. Clare, 25

Saneh Ste. Clare is an IT Consultant from Denver, Colorado. She is described by Harrison as having a “big, bubbly personality, huge energy, great sense of humor.”

The longtime host goes on to note her “very creative limo entrance, you could say greatest of all time limo entrance. I’ll just leave it at that.”

Sarah Trott, 24

Sarah Trott is a Broadcast Journalist from San Diego, California. Viewers should prepare for what Harrison refers to as a “very up and down journey” where she gets early attention that may be hard to sustain throughout the season. She has “very strong feelings early.”

Trott is also a trained fire dancer, a successful journalist and “comes from a very loving, tight-knit family.”

Serena Chew, 24

Serena Chew is a Flight Attendant from San Francisco, California. Carrying on a long franchise legacy of flight attendants. “They have this worldly view, obviously they travel a lot, they have great personalities and at any moment, they’re willing to get us out of any burning situation,” said Harrison.

“Gonna give a spoiler: the girl that tripped into Matt’s arms, that is Serena C,” says Harrison, noting she did it on purpose though James did not realize it. 

Serena Pitt, 22

Serena Pitt is a Publicist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Pitt does not come in at a tall height, with Harrison saying, she is one of a “handful of very small, petite girls,” calling her very tiny. Though she is small, she is “a force to be reckoned with,” he said. 

James and Pitt “just have chemistry,” said Harrison. However, she is a very honest person. “She always tells everybody, including Matt,  where she stands, how she feels, what the score is,” he elaborated. 

Sydney Johnson, 28

Sydney Johnson is a Marketing Specialist from Nashville, Tennessee. “She prides herself in being very, very blunt,” but is “a true romantic at heart.” Now, the true test may be her allergy to avocados which would be a dealbreaker for Harrison, but hopefully not for James.

Victoria Larson, 27

Victoria Larson is a “Queen” from Los Angeles, California. Harrison wouldn’t say much other than “you’re going to enjoy Queen Victoria.”

According to Reality Steve, More Women Will Join the Season

After this season’s contestants were announced, Reality Steve dropped a spoiler on Twitter. He wrote, “The (SPOILER) is, after rose ceremony #2, they bring 5 women in. Michelle [Young] , Brittany [Galvin], Ryan [Clayton], and Madison [Nelson]. We know Heather Martin shows up too. If she’s with that group, then there’s your 5 additions. If she’s not and shows up a diff time, then there’s 1 more who I don’t know yet.”

As fans may recall, Reality Steve has previously reported Nelson “was dating Matt last summer when Tyler was seeing GiGi. Went to one of the fashion shows with him… Heard they were together for at least a couple months.”

With the exception of Martin, the other women were among the original larger cast list of women who quarantined for the season.

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