‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers 2021 for Episode 6

Matt James on a date

ABC Matt James and several contestants go on a bowling group date on The Bachelor.

The dust is finally settling on the bullying saga that bogged down the first half of season 25 of The Bachelor. Victoria Larson and Anna Redman are gone, and a third woman who has been portrayed as an antagonist, MJ Snyder, was left on thin ice at the conclusion of episode five.

Snyder, 24, was asked by Matt James to address rumors that she was one of the women treating newcomers (who arrived in episode four) poorly. After she denied the claim, another contestant Jessenia Cruz admitted that she was the one who told James that Snyder referred to the original group of women as the “varsity squad” and the newcomers as the “J.V.”

At the conclusion of episode five, Snyder and Cruz were invited to a two-on-one meetup with James to get to the bottom of their ongoing feud. The episode ended just as James was sitting down to speak with the pair of women. That almost certainly means Snyder or Cruz will be headed home early in episode six.


Will MJ Snyder or Jessenia Cruz Get Eliminated?

MJ Snyder Jessenia Cruz

ABCMJ Snyder and Jessenia Cruz are set to meet on a two-on-one date on The Bachelor.

While ABC left viewers of The Bachelor with a cliffhanger at the end of episode five, they didn’t do a good job of hiding the result. In a press release that came out a day after the episode ended, the network revealed a photo of episode six which included one that showed Cruz in the background.

Additionally, the preview at the end of episode five showed Cruz sitting on a couch with Kit Keenan, Abigail Heringer, and Serena Chew. Meanwhile, Snyder’s only screen time in the preview showed her talking to James and crying, all while wearing the same outfit she wore to the two-on-one.

Snyder’s departure at the beginning of episode six appears to be inevitable.

Pieper James & Katie Thurston Get 1-on-1 Dates

Matt and Pieper on the second episode of 'The Bachelor' season 25

ABCMatt and Pieper on the second episode of ‘The Bachelor’ season 25

In a press release for episode six, ABC revealed, “Pieper and Matt take a break from the drama with a romantic carnival date complete with a performance by Temecula Road.” The preview for the episode appears to show a smooth and happy date for Pieper James and Matt James.

The same probably can’t be said for Katie Thurston’s one-on-one date.

ABC didn’t mention Thurston in the press release, but People revealed an exclusive sneak peek of the episode that showed her with James pranking former The Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron. James has said that Cameron “falls for someone” during the episode, but he likely means that Cameron falls for the prank.

It’s a fun date for Thurston, but it appears as though it’s her last on the show. According to Reality Steve, Thurston goes home during the one-on-one date.

Heather Martin Arrives & Doesn’t Last Long

Martin appeared on season 23 of The Bachelor and said that her kiss with Colton Underwood on the show was the first of her life. She eventually self-eliminated and finished sixth place on the show.

Now she’s back because, as she said in a season preview, “Matt’s worth it.”

The second foray into The Bachelor world doesn’t work out well for Martin, though. According to Reality Steve, Martin got eliminated on the same day she showed up. James isn’t even trying to provide the illusion that Martin had much of a shot.

James told Us Weekly that he had no prior relationship with Martin and essentially told Rachel Lindsay on Extra that she arrived too late.

“At this point, I’ve established relationships,” James told Lindsay. “I’m really trying to dive in with these women and see if it’s worth pursuing and if it’s someone I can see myself spending the rest of my life with. And to have someone pull up towards the tail end of what’s supposed to be kind of coming to a decision. That’s tough.”

Lindsay said she could read between the lines on that answer and, well, we can too.

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