‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers 2021 for Episode 7

Matt James and Jessenia Cruz

ABC Matt James and Jessenia Cruz ride in a Dodge Challenger during a date on The Bachelor.

The world of The Bachelor spent the last week consumed by controversy surrounding host Chris Harrison and contestant Rachael Kirkconnell. But season 25 of the show will continue as scheduled with Matt James finally starting to dig into the final 10 women vying for his heart.

In episode six, one of the final women accused of bullying other contestants, MJ Snyder, was sent home early in the episode. Later, the anti-bullying advocate of the show, Katie Thurston, was sent packing as well. With those departures, the narrative on the show looks positioned to transition from drama among contestants to strengthening relationships with James.

With 10 women left — or 11 with the arrival of Heather Martin at the conclusion of episode six — here’s what to expect on episode seven of The Bachelor:


Will Heather Martin Stay for More than 1 Night?

Heather Martin

David Livingston/Getty ImagesHeather Martin at a press event.

Martin’s arrival was teased for a long time, but came in episode six with mostly confusion. James — who says he had no prior relationship at all with Martin — just laughed and looked puzzled by her arrival. Meanwhile, the other women in the house had a collective meltdown at the thought of another contestant getting added to the mix.

But those fears will prove unfounded. Way back in December, when spoilers expert Reality Steve first reported that Martin would crash the show, he said that she was sent home the same night as her arrival.

Even Chris Harrison isn’t trying to hide as much. In his now infamous talk with Rachel Lindsay on Extra, he blamed Hannah Martin for “concocting” the storyline and said that Martin was set up to fail by ABC.

“You know what, it was setting [Martin] up for failure and that was somewhat on purpose,” Harrison said. “You saw in the previews, Chelsea [Vaughn] and Serena [Pitt] and all these girls going, ‘That’s fine. I get it. She’s pretty. But guess what, pal? It’s either her or we’re on the highway headed home.’ And that’s what Matt’s about to face.”

With that kind of ultimatum dropped in his lap, there’s no doubt James will send Martin straight back home. And based on season previews, it looks like Vaughn and Serena Chew could be the two who follow her out the door.

Jessenia Cruz Gets a 1-on-1 Date

Matt James and Jessenia Cruz

ABCMatt James and Jessenia Cruz during a one-on-one date on The Bachelor.

Cruz was a quiet background figure until the end of episode five. Then she had a quick, but explosive feud with MJ Snyder that led to a two-on-one date in episode six. James eventually sided with Cruz in the conflict and sent Snyder home.

Now Cruz is going to get a one-on-one date, although the previews seem to indicate it could be a date that ends her time on The Bachelor.

According to ABC, the entire episode will feature two rose ceremonies, two one-on-one dates, and a group date. But given the ongoing controversy surrounding Harrison and the show, they’ve revealed very little about the upcoming episode. No promos have been released in the days leading up the show and exclusive clip haven’t been shared.

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