‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers 2021 for Episode 9

Matt James Michelle Young

ABC Matt James and Michelle Young during a date on The Bachelor.

Matt James’ journey for love is down to just three women and that means it’s time for the steamiest and most intimate episode of The Bachelor.

In the penultimate episode of the 25th season of the show, James will have individual dates with Michelle Young, Bri Springs, and Rachael Kirkconnell. At the end of each date, the couple will have the opportunity to spend the night together in a “fantasy suite,” a private hotel room away from cameras and microphones.

In many cases that means sex for a couple that is just days away from a potential engagement. In other cases it’s an opportunity for a no holds barred, private conversation that isn’t under the watchful eye of the ABC production team. In the most recent season of The Bachelorette, Ivan Hall’s fantasy suite date with Tayshia Adams included an off-screen conversation about religion which Adams ultimately cited as the reason for eliminating Hall at the following rose ceremony.

With the finale just a week away, here’s what to expect on episode nine:


Rachael Kirkconnell Struggles With Feelings of Jealousy

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell

ABCMatt James and Rachael Kirkconnell during a date on an episode of ‘The Bachelor.’

During the fantasy suite dates, James goes camping with Springs, he takes a milk bath with Young, and he recreates a scene from Ghost during a pottery date with Kirkconnell.

Previews have shown Young talking about how comfortable and at home she feels with James, and Springs talking with James about the possibility of an engagement. However, the previews of Kirkconnell in the episode have mostly centered around her struggling with jealousy.

“I’m in love with Matt and he’s with another woman right now,” Kirkconnell was shown saying through tears in an episode preview. “This is torture. I can’t do this anymore.”

Kirkconnell’s difficulties with the week won’t result in a crazy turn of events, though. She sticks through the hard times and is still around for the finale next week.

Matt James’ Estranged Father Shows Up

James was raised by his mother and has previously described his father, Manny James, as “absent” in his life. While previews have revealed the two have a tense conversation on The Bachelor, the circumstances of his arrival are unknown and we’ll see on the show if it’s an appearance that James knew was coming or not.

It’s also not entirely clear if it’s a conversation that will air on the fantasy suite episode or in the finale a week later.

In the press release for episode nine, ABC wrote, “But before he can truly consider moving forward in a relationship, Matt must first address the one that has previously held him back. Will an honest conversation be enough to guide him on his quest to find love?” That would seem to allude to the conversation with his father.

However, spoilers expert Reality Steve said that the talk happens “at some point after the final three rose ceremony.” He also revealed that Bri Springs will be the one eliminated after the fantasy suite dates, although it seems unlikely that they’ll show that rose ceremony in episode nine.

In previous seasons, the show has kept it at three contestants heading into the finale and it’ll probably do the same with Springs, Young, and Kirkconnell.

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