Who Gets Eliminated on The Bachelorette 2020 Tonight? 12/15

The Bachelorette Eliminations


The Bachelorette season 16 is coming to a dramatic end and the highly-anticipated hometown dates episode airs on Tuesday, December 15. After season lead Tayshia Adams meets the families of her final 4, she will have to choose one contestant to eliminate before next week’s Fantasy Suite dates.


The final 4 heading into the hometown dates are Ben Smith, Zac Clark, Ivan Hall, and Brandon Morais.

According to Reality Steve, Adams chooses to send home Ben Smith at the end of the hometown dates.

Here’s what you need to know about the episode and Smith’s elimination:

Reality Steve Originally Reported That Ben Makes it to the Final 2

Reality Steve’s report that Ben Smith gets sent home during episode 11 is a new spoiler that majorly changes his previous predictions for how the season comes to an end. Prior to his recent update, Steve had reported that it was Brendan who went home during hometown week, and that he chose to pull himself from the competition after his family didn’t show up at the resort to meet Adams. Amending his previous predictions, Steve writes, “I reported at the beginning of the season that Brendan’s family doesn’t show for the hometowns and that he self eliminates at either #4 or #3. It’s his PARENTS that don’t show. His brother Dan, sister in law Christi, and niece Aliyah are who shows up.”

In his initial spoilers blog post for the season, Steve claimed that Ben Smith would make it all the way to the final two opposite Zac Clark. For those in Bachelor Nation who read Steve’s spoilers and have anticipated watching fan-favorite Smith make it all the way to the finale, it may have been surprising to learn from Reality Steve that “Brendan doesn’t self eliminate at #4 because Ben gets eliminated tomorrow night at the hometown dates rose ceremony. Your final 3 this season are Ivan, Zac, and Brendan.”

Reality Steve Does Not Know How the Season Ends, or Who Adams Picks

When initial reports indicated that it was Ben Smith and Zac Clark as the final two, the predicted spoiler that Ben gets sent home during episode 11 shakes up Reality Steve’s other original reports for the rest of the season.

Reality Steve claimed that Adams chose Clark and that the two chose to keep dating but did not get engaged; however, now he’s not so sure how the season ends. While he seems certain that the final three are Ivan, Zac, and Brendan, Reality Steve says “as for the end result this season, at this point, it’s anybody’s guess. I do not know for sure what happens as of now.” He says it’s possible Brendan will still self-eliminate, but he no longer has “confidence” that that rumor will play out on the reality dating show.

Of course, it is still possible that his predicted winner is accurate, but fans will have to watch the remaining episodes when they air to find out how Tayshia Adams’ journey to finding love ends.

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