Did The Bachelorette Spoil 2 Eliminations With ‘Men Tell All’ Preview?

Bachelorette roses

ABC A table of roses during an episode of The Bachelorette.

A day before The Bachelorette aired the end of a two-on-one date with Noah Erb and Bennett Jordan, the show inexplicably spoiled its result on Instagram by showing a preview with Erb on a lie detector-themed group date. That came less than a week after another official Bachelor account spoiled the entire final seven.

At the end of episode nine, The Bachelorette seemingly made the mistake of spoiling its own show yet again — this time on national television. During a preview for an upcoming “Men Tell All” episode, ABC teased that Tayshia Adams will return “to face the men she sent home.” Clearly shown sitting in the room are both Erb and Blake Moynes, two of the seven men still remaining on the show after nine episodes.

Erb is even shown telling someone in the room, “I don’t see us being friends after this.”

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There’s no way around it. With seven men remaining ahead of the “Tell All” episode, there’s simply no way the eventual winner will be sitting in the room hashing things out with other former contestants. The preview all but confirms that Erb and Moynes will be sent home soon.

Blake Moynes Is Set for a 1-on-1 Date

Moynes, 30, was an early frontrunner during the Clare Crawley portion of this season of The Bachelorette, but he’s been nothing close to that since Adams took over.

He garnered favor with Crawley by breaking ABC rules to reach out to her prior to filming when she was struggling with her mother’s hospitalization. He leaned into his rule-breaking persona and crashed a group date after party, despite being on the losing team during a strip dodgeball game.

But in the time since Adams took over, Moynes has disappeared into the background. His most memorable moment in the last few episodes came when he made a phallus out of clay during an art-themed group date. His fellow contestants commented that Moynes is obsessed with sex and talks about it constantly.

Moynes making the final seven has been a head scratcher for many fans, but it would seem that his days on the show are numbered. Given the timeline, the one-on-one date will likely be the end of his relationship with Adams.

Noah Erb’s Relationship with Tayshia Adams Is on the Rocks

It’s also not too surprising to see that Erb will exit the show soon. After a strong early connection with Adams — skyrocketed by his decision to let her shave his mustache — Erb’s bickering with Bennett Jordan and other contestants stunted his relationship.

While Jordan was sent home during a two-on-one date when he was pitted against Erb, Adams didn’t award Erb with a rose at the conclusion of the date and he advanced to the final seven by the skin of his teeth. Adams openly admitted that she wasn’t sure she believed Erb was ready for marriage.

With several other frontrunners developing strong connections with Adams, led by Zac Clark and Brendan Morais, it’s not surprising that questions about Erb’s maturity would lead to him leaving soon.

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