‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers 2020 for Episode 6

Tayshia Adams

ABC Tayshia Adams and four suitors during episode six of The Bachelorette.

The Clare Crawley show is officially in the rearview mirror for The Bachelorette and it’s all Tayshia Adams time. The sit-down interview with Chris Harrison in episode five is expected to be the last air time for Crawley and her fiancé Dale Moss until at least the “Men Tell All” episode.

In episode six, Adams will finally have to cut ties with a few of the 19 men vying for her affection. She was originally given 20 suitors to choose from, but Jason Foster left the show due to lingering feelings for Crawley. Episode six will return to a bit of normalcy, with the first rose ceremony since episode three.

The show left off with a one-on-one date for Brendan Morais, who established himself as an early frontrunner for Adams. There’s still one more group date left before the first Adams rose ceremony of the season.


Ashley & Jared Return to Host the ‘Grown Ass Man Challenge’

Tayshia Adams, Ashley Iaconetti, Jared Haibon

ABCAshley I. and Jared pay a special visit to Tayshia, running and judging a competition to test the strength and maturity of eight of her suitors.

Ashley Iaconetti first appeared on season 19 of The Bachelor, but later made appearances on seasons two and three of Bachelor in Paradise, as well as The Bachelor Winter Games. During her time on Bachelor in Paradise, she met Jared Haibon, who previously appeared on season 11 of The Bachelorette.

During both seasons in Paradise, Iaconetti pursued a relationship with Haibon despite him continuously rejecting her advances.

They finally ended the “will they? won’t they?” game in May 2018 when they announced they were dating. Shortly thereafter, Haibon proposed to Iaconetti during an episode of Bachelor in Paradise. In August 2019, they got married.

Now they’re back to help Tayshia find love, and they’re doing it by hosting the “Grown Ass Man Challenge” to see which men are mature enough for a relationship and if any suitor is just a man child.

In an exclusive preview, Entertainment Weekly released video of Bennett Jordan struggling with the brains portion of the date — a bit embarrassing for the show’s proud Harvard grad. He messes up some quick math and he can’t spell the word “limousine.” Fortunately for Bennett, there’s more to the date and he still manages to win the “Grown Ass Man” Award, according to Reality Steve.

On the other end of the spectrum is Ed Waisbrot, who gets the “Man Child” Award and is saddled with the responsibility of taking care of a doll.

But the real winner of the date is Ivan Hall, who gets the group date rose.

Is Chasen There ‘For the Right Reasons’?

Chasen Nick and Tayshia Adams

ABCChasen Nick has his motivations called into question during episode six of The Bachelorette.

Thus far on The Bachelorette, Chasen hasn’t made much of a stir. His most exciting moment was being the one who was told by Clare Crawley that she didn’t go to prom, which whipped up a weird “PromGate” controversy.

So it feels like accusations that he’s on the show for the wrong reasons come out of left field. At the first group date after party, Ed (along with his baby doll) accuses Chasen of being a “fraud, phony, an actor,” among other things, according to Reality Steve.

When the feud continues into the cocktail party that precedes the rose ceremony, Tayshia and Chasen have a conversation about it. That talk doesn’t go particularly well, and Chasen is worried that he may have been a little too aggressive.

Tayshia doesn’t draw a line in the sand, though. She keeps both Chasen and Ed at the rose ceremony. The three men who leave at the ceremony include two of the newcomers — Montel Hill and Peter Giannikopoulos — and Jay Smith.

Noah Steals the Show at a Wrestling Date

Wrestling group date

ABCNoah Erb crashes a wrestling group date and causes friction in episode six.

Eight men get invited to a wrestling-themed group date hosted by Amy Dumas of WWE and Tatiana Suarez of the UFC. Those eight are: Ben, Brendan, Chasen, Spencer, Eazy, Ed, Joe, and Jordan.

After learning a few tricks and practicing, they get into a makeshift cage for some matches. Chasen, a collegiate swimmer in phenomenal shape, dominates the competition. It all sets up for a showdown between Chasen and Ed, but the latter says he has a shoulder injury.

In jumps Noah Erb, the mustachioed newcomer who jumps the fence for the chance to wrestle Chasen and steal some of Tayshia’s attention (hence the denim pants in the photo). He loses to Chasen like everyone else, but still impresses Tayshia enough to get the group date rose (for a date he wasn’t even on!).

That really frustrates the other 16 men on the show, who believe more respect should be shown for the rules laid out by the show. Alas, rules are made to be broken and Tayshia likes a bold man willing to go above and beyond.

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