Tayshia Adams Reveals Which ‘Bachelorette’ Men Her Parents Would’ve Picked

Tayshia Adams

ABC/John Fleenor Tayshia Adams appears on 'After the FInal Rose' for season six of 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

Tayshia Adams says her parents don’t know how this season of The Bachelorette will play out, but we know that’s not entirely true. Previews of upcoming episodes have even showed Tayshia’s father warning her that she may be making “the biggest mistake of her life.” They clearly aren’t as in the dark as she’d have you believe.

“They’re also watching and they know nothing,” Tayshia said of her parents on the Click Bait podcast, which she co-hosts. “I’ve never told them anything about what happens, so they’re trying to figure this out while we’re going through.”

So Tayshia’s recent answer about her parents’ opinion of the men on the show might not be as hypothetical as she made it seem. On Click Bait, Tayshia was asked by TikTok star Olivia Ponton which contestants would receive First Impression Roses if her parents were tasked with picking a suitor for their daughter.

“I think my mom would’ve given it to Brendan,” Tayshia said. “I think Brendan because he’s super sweet and he’s like a momma’s boy… My mom would be obsessed with him.

“And I think my dad would’ve actually — shoot, my dad’s a tricky one — probably nobody, he doesn’t like anybody when he first meets them. Honestly, my dad likes people who are from constructive backgrounds, so military background is a good thing. Ben has a military background, so maybe Ben.”

Brendan and Ben have been two of the favorites since Tayshia took the reins on The Bachelorette following Clare Crawley’s departure. While her answer isn’t quite a spoiler, it would seem to indicate that those two contestants — and especially Ben — aren’t the one who have Tayshia’s father convinced, “There’s something wrong with this guy.”

Chris Harrison Says Tayshia’s Dad Speaks His Mind This Season

Chris Harrison and Tayshia Adams

ABCTayshia Adams hosts a game of splashball during a group date on The Bachelorette.

If the previews weren’t already enough evidence, The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison removed all doubt and confirmed that Tayshia’s parents will meet at least a few of the contestants.

“I will just say this — amazing people, [but] her dad definitely was not shy about expressing his opinion on his daughter in those relationships,” Harrison told Us Weekly. “And look, I get it. I am a father of a daughter and I will be the same way. Probably won’t be on camera. But I’ll be the same way with my daughter.”

In recent seasons of The Bachelorette, the lead’s family hasn’t made an appearance until the season finale. In both Hannah Brown’s and Becca Kufrin’s seasons, their families only met the final two contestants. It remains to be seen how a season that has been heavily altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic will handle family time, though.

Tayshia’s Dad Was Hard to Please on ‘The Bachelor’

It’s not at all surprising that Chris Harrison says Tayshia’s dad plays a hypercritical role on the show. He certainly didn’t bite his tongue during his appearance on season 23 of The Bachelor.

When Tayshia brought Colton Underwood home to her family, her dad grilled Colton with some tough questions about his intentions and feelings. He was hesitant to give Colton his blessing to ask for her hand in marriage (something he ultimately he didn’t do), but eventually gave his blessing after a conversation with Tayshia.

If Tayshia “thinks” her dad would hit it off with Ben, that could be a major hint for how the remainder of the season plays out.