Theresa Nist Hugs Mystery Man on the Beach Days After Gerry Turner Divorce Is Finalized

Theresa Nist

Heavy/ABC Theresa Nist.

 Theresa Nist had a beach date less than two weeks after her divorce from Gerry Turner was finalized.

In June 2024, “The Golden Bachelor”  star was photographed wearing a white one-piece swimsuit and jewelry while running through the water on a New Jersey coastline. Photos posted by the Daily Mail also showed Nist, 70, hugging an older gentleman during her beach day. The ABC star wore a black tank and denim skirt as she warmly greeted the mystery man, who wore sunglasses and had his beach gear beside him.

The photos of Nist’s beach day came days after  TMZ reported that her divorce from Turner was finalized. The couple split in April 2024 after just three months of marriage.

Theresa Nist Spent Time With Her Grandsons on the Beach

While the identity of the mystery man Nist met up with is unclear, she did post about three guys she hung out with at the beach. Taking to her Instagram story on June 24, the mom of two shared a photo of the sandy beach with three young men in the background. She captioned the photo to reveal that she spent time at the beach with her daughter, Jen Woolsten, and grandsons, Dempsey, Leo, and Henry.

“It was the summeriest of summer days,” Nist captioned the photo. “Seabright Beach in the morning. Avon Beach in the afternoon. Lunch at Columns with Matt and Jen and the boys and golfing on a real golf course with Henry (his first time and he was awesome) right before the sky broke open into a summer shower just perfect

Nist’s daughter also shared photos from the family’s vacation to Avon-By-the-Sea, New Jersey

“Scenes from our first summer of ‘24 beach day,” she captioned her post.

Nist clearly loves the beach. One week after her wedding to Turner took place, she brought him to the Jersey Shore.

Theresa Nist Wanted to Stay in New Jersey to Be Close to Her Family

Nist is very close with her daughter and grandchildren, so it’s not a total surprise that she was with them for their beach trip. One of her biggest issues with Turner revolved around where they would live. Turner is retired and lives in Indiana, but Nist still works and holds a job in the finance industry in New Jersey.

Just a few weeks before the couple announced their split, Turner and Nist appeared on the “Dear Shandy” podcast. At the time, Nist revealed that she originally told her employer she would only be gone two weeks maximum when she left to compete on “The Bachelor.”

“And I stayed, and I stayed, and I stayed, and my employer was so good to me,” she shared. “And before I left, I kind of said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you.’”

Turner chimed in to admit he was conflicted about his wife still working. “I guess the difficult part is I went on to the show to find my partner, and I’ve been retired for a long time. I wanted fun [and] adventure,” he said.

He added, “I wanted to go do [things]. So that is the crux of it, right now, is when does that start?”

Once the couple decided to divorce, Nist posted to Instagram to thank fans for their support and understanding.

“Sometimes things don’t go the way you planned and that’s okay,” she wrote. “It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, something I never expected to happen at this point in my life and I truly thought it was going to last forever. It turns out, even at the age of 70, you don’t know everything.”