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Peter Weber recently traded in the California sunshine for the hustle and bustle of New York City. Taking over the lease originally intended for his move with ex Kelley Flanagan, he reached out to his former Bachelorette castmate, Dustin Kendrick, moved into the other room.

“You know we’d been talking a lot when I was coming out here,” explained the man nicknamed “Pilot Pete” while promoting his partnership with Bulletproof. He added, “He was going to come out for a week just to visit and just hang out and I was like, you know a couple calls later, I was like ‘Hey man when’s your lease’s up in Chicago?’ He’s like ‘Actually, it’s coming up here, end of February’ It’s like ‘Dude, why don’t you come out and move in? You know I got a second room’ and he was all for it.”

Soon Kendrick visited for the week to see if it was a good fit before making the move permanent. Though, they had previous experience rooming together when they quarantined in Chicago with Flanagan at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

The new roommates originally met when they were contestants on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. Obviously, Weber went on to become the lead of The Bachelor.

Weber and Kendrick Are Joined by Their Dogs

Weber and Kendrick have two furry friend roommates. When the founder of Guaranteed Karma moved in, he brought his bulldog Sophia. Weber’s mother, Barb, eventually brought Tripp out.

“The first couple days he was like ‘Where am I?’” Weber told Heavy of his canine friend’s adjustment to the city. “Never seen snow before. Not a day in his life. We have a little balcony here and it was covered with ice and snow like I had to take him out to go to the bathroom out there and he was just not having it, but he’s starting to get his swagger back and get his confidence and get acclimated for sure.”

Weber and Kendrick Are Starting a Podcast

Weber told Heavy that the new New York City residents plan on launching their own podcast.

“So Dustin and I are looking at having a cool little project in the making right now for a podcast that should be coming out that we’re excited about,” the California native revealed.

He said the podcast won’t be Bachelor-focused, but added, “Obviously, we’ll probably talk about it a little bit, just because, you know, our involvement with it.”

Weber continued, “We kind of want it to just be a vibe about, you know, two guys moving to New York City together, you know, new to the city. And just kind of our experiences, you know, learning as we go. And you know, kind of talking with a lot of people who kind of have their roots dug in here for a while and just hearing stories.”

Right now the podcast is in the early stages, “just talking with people and getting equipment set up and all that.”

Weber will likely turn to other Bachelor Nation alum with podcasts. He revealed, “For sure Nick [Viall], Nick’s doing a great job, been on his podcast a couple times and Ben [Higgins]. I’m sure he’d have some great advice.”

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