Tia Booth Reveals ‘The Craziest Thing’

Tia Booth

Getty Bachelor Nation star, Tia Booth

Being pregnant while planning a wedding is enough to stress anyone out.  “Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise” star, Tia Booth, knows all about it. According to Bachelor Nation, in a recent fan Q&A on Instagram, Booth held nothing back when talking about how stressed she and her fiancé Taylor Mock have been lately.

Life is Chaos Right Now for Booth

In addition to dealing with raging hormones and picking out floral arrangements, Booth has also had to process the grief of losing her father. He passed away in February from colon cancer. With all that going on, it is not surprising that the 30-year-old mother-to-be has been on edge. “I don’t recommend pregnancy right on top of grief, it’s really hard,” she told Instagram fans.

During the Instagram Q&A, Booth lightened the mood by revealing to viewers the “craziest thing I’ve cried over during this pregnancy.”

Booth proceeded to tell the story of how “Last night, we ordered Panera and it was trash, terrible quality. Taylor’s food wasn’t even in the order and we ordered through Postmates. So, I called the Postmate to see if he may have left Taylor’s in the car.”

Booth got so frustrated over the situation that she “burst into tears” and had to hand the phone over to her fiancé.

Oddly enough, that is not the only time the Arkansas native cried over a food delivery issue. Mock revealed during the Q&A that his future wife also wept over missing chicken nuggets not long ago. Ah, the joys of pregnancy.

Something Else Crazy

Booth actually revealed another crazy tidbit recently. She said on a July 14 Clickbait podcast, to hosts Joe Amabile and Natasha Parker, that she was in talks with ABC about being “The Bachelorette” in season 16 instead of Clare Crawley.

“I was interviewed before Clare and Tayshia,” Booth declared, but ultimately, the producers decided to “go another direction.”  Amabile asked Booth if she really thought she was going to be the next Bachelorette, to which she replied, “Hell, I didn’t know. I thought I had a good chance.”

Booth also let something else slip during the podcast. When Parker asked, “So instead of you, it was Clare?” Booth answered, “Right. But then what if they would’ve switcherooed my a**? I would have been devastated.” The women were referring to how Clare Crawley left the season after less than two weeks to be with Dale Moss, and was replaced with Tayshia Adams.

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether Crawley was essentially forced out by ABC producers, and Booth’s comment about the “switcheroo” seems to support those rumors.

When it all went down, fans were posting theories all over social media. One viewer tweeted, “I think they were trying to force her out on some real. It was reported that she quit 12 days after filming and she locked herself in her room and wouldn’t come out, which was hard to believe considering how bad she wanted it.”

Another fan posted, “They had Tayshia quarantined 9 days after Clare started filming. They wanted to remove Clare. And I just don’t think it’s fair.”  A Reddit user speculated, “I think it was planned to bring in a second Bachelorette but Clare was blindsided with the idea and refused to continuing filming. TPTB were forced to choose and they chose Tayshia.” Producers made it seem as if Crawley left voluntarily because she was sure she had found her person, but many viewers weren’t buying it.

It is hard to say where Booth would have fit into all that drama if she had been chosen to be “The Bachelorette” in season 16. But apparently, everything happens for a reason. She is now in love with Taylor Mock with a baby boy on the way.

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