Trista Sutter Wants to Scream Her News from Her ‘IG Rooftop!’

Trista Sutter

Getty First Bachelorette, Trista Sutter is all smiles.

Trista Sutter, America’s first reigning Bachelorette, is one “proud mama.” On May 31, 2022, she posted on Instagram that her son, Maxwell Alston Sutter, has graduated the eighth grade and will soon be heading to high school.

They Grow Up So Fast!

Trista Sutter (formerly Rehn) married Ryan Sutter on December 6, 2003, soon after she chose to give him her final rose on season one of “The Bachelorette.” Their son, Maxwell, was born in July, 2007.

Many Bachelorette fans are shocked that Maxwell is already old enough to graduate from middle school. One Instagram follower wrote, “Omg he is so grown up!!” Another fan related, “Love this!! ❤️ Congratulations to your baby! Mine is promoting from 8th grade too next week! Time has flown for us Mommas and our babies are becoming amazing men.”

The IG picture of Trista, Ryan and Maxwell got many fans talking about how much of a resemblance there is between Maxwell and his father. One IG user expressed, “He looks just like his dad!! Handsome!” Another posted, “Congratulations!! Maxwell, you are as handsome as your Dad! Your smile and eyes are exactly like his too! I hope someday those two things win the heart of a girl as beautiful and sweet as your Mom!!🌹I was honored to watch them fall in love and their continuing love story through your beautiful family.💗”

Does Mom Know Best?

Trista confesses that her son does not usually like being part of her social media. However, the former Miami Heat cheerleader simply could not help herself in this instance. As she explains in her post, “my little ‘peanut’ sure makes his mama proud and what kind of mom would I be if I didn’t scream it from my IG rooftop?! 😜”

The rest of the post is full of more praise for Maxwell. Trista conveys, “whether I’m watching you try on your first sports coat, give a thoughtful speech in front of 100+ people, put the finishing touches on your final middle school slideshow, give your all in your final 8th grade lacrosse tournament after taking a 3 year break, or crash out after playing in rain and sleet and hail like you used to do in your bucket car seat, I am so full of joy and gratitude and excitement for your future.”

Ryan Sutter, who was a firefighter when Trista Rehn chose him, is still a firefighter today. He and Trista also have a daughter, Blakesley Grace, who was born April 3, 2009. The famous family resides in Colorado.

The Sutter Family Has Struggled

Life has not been perfect for the Sutter family. Although Ryan recently returned to work at the fire station in January, 2022, ET reports he was on sick leave for months “due to illness and injury.” ET explains, “In May, Ryan revealed that he’d been diagnosed with Lyme disease with mold toxicity after suffering from a mystery illness for more than a year.” He underwent two major surgeries before returning to work.

Trista Sutter has experienced health issues as well. As ABC News reports, in 2017, the reality star had a seizure while on a family vacation in Croatia. Trista fell into “a convulsive state” and had to be hospitalized. ABC elucidates, “Ryan, a trained EMT, said despite dealing with his share of emergencies, seeing his wife in this position was terrifying.” The cause of the seizure remains a mystery, however Trista thinks it may have been stress-related. Fortunately, both Trista and Ryan were healthy enough to attend their sons eighth grade graduation.

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