Two Former Bachelors to Compete on New Cooking Show, ‘Celebrity Beef’: But Why?

Celebrity Beef

E! 'Celebrity Beef' hosted by Joel McHale.

There are tons of dating shows out there, but none quite like The Bachelor franchise. By the same token, there are dozens of cooking competitions on the air, but none quite like E!’s new program, “Celebrity Beef.”

The show started airing on August 2 at 10 p.m. ET. Hosted by comedic TV personality, Joel McHale, “Celebrity Beef” pits “two superstar contestants against one another as they attempt to settle the score in the kitchen while also revealing the inside scoop on their rivalry,” according to E! Online.

Ben Higgins and Nick Viall will be going head-to-head on August 9. The odd thing is, Higgins and Viall have always claimed to be friends, not rivals.

How Does the Show Work?

Ben Higgins

E!Ben Higgins on ‘Celebrity Beef.’

According to E! Online, “the cooking show will turn pop culture feuds into a battle of foods, with host Joel McHale leading the way (and creating a few twists and turns, too)…on the show, the two stars will compete in a series of challenges, with the winner of each gaining an advantage (such as being treated to exclusive ingredients), while the loser receives a cruel punishment, like being forced to swap out their knives for gardening tools.”

The outlet continues, “Then, at the end of each episode, the contestants will present their final meal to Joel for the ultimate taste test, and he’ll crown one person the champion, giving them a trophy and $10,000 for the charity of their choice.”

Where’s the Beef?

Nick Viall

E!Nick Viall on ‘Celebrity Beef.’

Higgins and Viall did compete for the same Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe, in season 11. However, they both lost out to Shawn Booth.  Viall and Booth definitely had a beef with one another during the season, but there was never any indication that Viall and Higgins were feuding.

As Screen Rant points out, “Ben and Nick seem to be friends in real life, and Nick was even a guest at Ben’s wedding.”  Higgins married Jessica Clarke in November 2021. Viall is in a serious relationship with model, Natalie Joy.  The fact that she is 18 years younger than Viall has caused some controversy among fans, but not with Higgins.

Viall has had multiple beefs with other Bachelor Nation stars, most of which got stirred up on his podcast, The Viall Files.  For example, he was recently blocked by Katie Thurston over some not so nice comments he made about her on his podcast. However, there does not seem to have ever been a public dispute between Viall and Higgins.

In fact, in a June 8 podcast interview on “Call Her Daddy”, Viall expressed that when he was going through difficult times over all the hate he was getting online, Higgins is the one he confided in.

During the podcast, Viall, explained, “We went through it, we relate to each other and we’ll call each other especially when we’re like, ‘Man, f*** I’m struggling. I’m caught down a rabbit hole looking at s*** people are talking about me.”

Is there a hidden rivalry between the two Bachelor stars? Or is the “beef” between them exaggerated for the sake of the new cooking show’s premise?

Viewers will have to tune on August 9 on E! at 10pm ET to see how the show explains these friends’ alleged contention.

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