What Is Tyler Cameron’s Biggest Regret From ‘The Bachelorette?’

ABC Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown

It has been more than a year since season 15 of The Bachelorette finished airing, but fan-favorite contestant Tyler Cameron is now opening up about his only regret.

The runner-up on Hannah Brown’s season of the dating franchise was featured in the latest episode of Us Weekly’s Bachelor Confessions.

“The only regret I have is not speaking to her night one,” said Cameron. “You know, that’s my biggest regret. And like, cause that put me behind the eight ball, I felt like.”

Cameron continued, saying, “Cause my relationship started slower, you know, than anyone else’s and so I think that could have definitely helped speed things up and get things rolling.”

Fans of the popular reality show will recall Brown giving her final rose to Jed Wyatt. Brown and Wyatt ended their relationship before After the Final Rose once it was revealed Wyatt had a girlfriend during the show.

Cameron Is Happy With His Portrayal on the Show


While speaking with Us Weekly, Cameron revealed he had no regrets about going on the show, feeling as though the producers treated him well. He thought he had an accurate portrayal, referring to the show as a “pressure cooker” which exposes everyone’s true personalities.

“If you’re a good guy, you’ll be a good guy on the show,” said the Florida native. “If you’re a bad guy, you’re just going to turn out, you’ll be a bad guy on the show.”

He added, “They can put some cute music behind me and make me sound even nicer, but that’s about it.”

Despite his positive experience, Cameron also told Us Weekly that he would not return to another Bachelor Nation show, saying, “I tried it, I’m going to try something else.” He did say he would be open to return to a show in a non-dating capacity, such as bartending with Wells Adams in Bachelor in Paradise.

Cameron and Brown Have Had a Rocky Relationship After the Show but Are Now Friends


Many fans of Bachelor Nation have been vocal about their support for a Cameron and Brown relationship. The potential for post-show reconciliation started during the After the Final Rose special, in which Brown said to Cameron, “You’re an incredible guy and I’m a single girl” before asking, “maybe we could go for a drink and just hang out.”

Cameron responded, “I would love to, just tell me when. I’m there.”

While photos emerged of their meet-up, rumors soon shifted to a short-lived romance between Cameron and model Gigi Hadid. However, hope for the former-couple was reignited after Brown was spotted in Florida following the death of Cameron’s mother and again when she quarantined with Cameron, new Bachelor Matt James and friends.

The fan-favorite duo took to their respective YouTube channels to address the many rumors of their relationship, saying they are now friends after a rocky experience reconnecting during trauma and hating each other in quarantine.

During their sit-down with each other on Brown’s channel, she said they are, “trying to be cool being friends,” while Cameron revealed, “I’m super stoked where we are right now. We’re able to sit here, have fun with each other.”

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