Did Tyler Cameron Date Katie Thurston from ‘The Bachelorette’?

Katie Thurston and Tyler Cameron


Bachelor Nation first met Katie Thurston on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. James’ real-life best friend and franchise fan-favorite, Tyler Cameron, appeared on Thurston’s only one-on-one date that season. Shortly after the show, rumors started swirling it was actually Thurston and Cameron who found love.

In March, the new Bachelorette directly addressed those rumors on her Instagram Stories. According to Elite Daily, she said, “Tyler has a girlfriend so everyone needs to get this out of their heads.”

According to E! News, the woman in Cameron’s life is model Camila Kendra. Now it is Thurston’s shot at love with her season of The Bachelorette kicking off on ABC on June 7. 

While Thurston has not revealed if she walks away engaged, or even dating a suitor, she told People, “a lot happened that I couldn’t have ever predicted.” She added, “It got intense and crazy. But I will say, everything happens for a reason. And I definitely embraced that.”

Cameron Is Dating Camila Kendra

Kendra and Cameron first sparked rumors of a romance in January, after being photographed together. At the time, an insider told E! News, “Tyler and Camila both live in Florida so they have kept in touch and made plans to see each other these last couple of months. They are both into each other but it’s a stretch to say she’s his girlfriend.”

Hannah Brown’s runner-up was tied to a few models after leaving the dating competition, including Gigi Hadid and Ireland Borba. Yet, it seems this relationship has taken a more serious turn. While they are not Instagram official, photos of the couple have continued to surface.

In March, E! News provided an update on the couple. As the reported, “He finally feels he can commit to a relationship and really likes Camila. They have been spending a lot of time together and are basically inseparable.”

The source continued to tell the outlet, “They are having a lot of fun.” They added, “She has a very chill personality and that’s what Tyler was attracted to at first.”

Fans should not hold their breath when it comes to a possible Cameron and Brown reunion. The former Bachelorette has also moved on, dating model and life coach Adam Woolard.

Thurston Opens Up About Kissing on ‘The Bachelorette’

While Cameron may not be in the running, Thurston has a plethora of eligible bachelors vying for her heart. As she revealed to People, “every single guy was so handsome.”

She continued, “And I don’t have a type so every man that came in I was like, ‘Yes, yes and yes!’ They’re all such great guys. And that’s what made it exciting and hard at the same time.”

The sex-positive star, who first met audiences with a dildo in hand, is not afraid of getting physical. “Time is short,” she told the publication. “And you can’t be okay with me possibly getting engaged in two months but not kissing on the first date. I’ve got to use my time wisely!”

Being direct, she revealed to People she does end up having sex during the fantasy suite dates. As she said, “It’s an important part of the relationship in terms of the connection. But it is also our time to talk about important topics or any lingering conversations.”

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