‘Bachelorette’ Heartthrob Goes Public With New Girlfriend

Couple kissing

Pixabay A couple kisses as the sun sets.

A former fan-favorite contestant from “The Bachelorette” has now gone public with the gal he was rumored to be dating for the past few weeks. Tyler Cameron did not snag Hannah Brown’s final rose when her season aired in 2019, and “Tannah” fans rooted for a romantic reunion for a long time. Despite an enormous fan base hoping the two would end up together, Cameron and Brown never really went down that road again. She has moved on and is now living with her beau Adam Woolard, and Cameron has moved on as well.

Here’s what you need to know:

Cameron Publicly Shared a Kiss With His New Girlfriend

After doing “The Bachelorette,” Cameron dated Gigi Hadid for a bit and was with model Camila Kendra for about eight months, detailed Page Six. Now, he is dating 24-year-old model Paige Lorenze, and the two were spotted smooching on a sidewalk in New York City over the weekend. The public sighting of Cameron and Lorenze comes less than two weeks after Page Six revealed the two were “newly dating.” An insider at the time revealed, “They’re spending time together whenever they can. It’s not a full-blown, serious relationship because they’re often in different cities, but they’re having fun with it.” Another source shared they were “seeing each other and not just hooking up.” Apparently, the two were seen together in Florida toward the end of June and were spotted in Montauk, New York, for the Fourth of July holiday.

This is not Lorenze’s first romance with someone well known. As Us Weekly detailed, she previously dated country singer Morgan Wallen. She went public with their relationship in February 2022, and rumors about the pairing started the previous summer. Just weeks after gushing over her beau on social media, Lorenze and Wallen split. Page Six shared that, according to an insider, “She suspected he was cheating on multiple people.”

Prior to her romance with Wallen, she dated Armie Hammer briefly. Vanity Fair detailed that after splitting with Hammer, Lorenze entered a trauma treatment program. She explained, “I just started to feel really unsafe and really sick to my stomach about things” ahead of her decision to break things off with Hammer. She added, “you never know what you’re going to get with him—he’s kind of a scary person.”

‘Bachelor Nation’ Has Plenty to Say About Cameron’s New Romance

The pairing of Cameron and Lorezne has generated a fair amount of buzz on Reddit since they were first rumored to be dating. Quite a few people noted their suspicions the kissing photos were staged, but some “Bachelor Nation” fans still noted they thought the two might make a good match. “Aww even if these are staged, they seem happy. I’m happy for them!” one person noted. Another person shared, “they look like a Disney fairytale prince and princess.” Someone else wrote, “I actually love this, they seem so cute together and have a lot in common…Tyler will treat her so much better than her exes that’s for sure.”

In another thread, one “Tannah” fan couldn’t resist sharing a comment. “I fully expect downvotes, but a small part of me still withes Tyler and Hannah were together. Ok good night.” It has certainly been tough for “Tannah” fans to let go of their hopes that Cameron and Brown would end up together, but fans of his will be eager to see where this new romance of his heads.

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