Tyler Cameron Makes Cameo on ‘SNL’ & Fans Are Freaking Out

Getty Images Tyler Cameron made a guest appearance on 'SNL.'

Tyler Cameron made a surprise guest appearance on the Saturday, October 9, 2021, episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

The former reality star first made his debut on Hannah Brown’s season of “The Bachelorette,” and while he didn’t win Hannah’s heard (she chose Jed Wyatt on the finale), he was one of the most popular guys to ever be a part of the franchise.

The Jupiter, Florida, native has been living his best life ever since. Fans have kept tabs on him as he stepped out with Gigi Hadid in 2019 (per Glamour), and have been big supporters of his ongoing friendship with “Bachelor” Matt James. Now, Tyler has added another major credit to his “things I’ve done” list; he made a cameo on “SNL.”

Tyler teamed up with Chace Crawford, Jesse Williams, and John Cena (to name a few) for a “Bachelorette” spoof featuring Kim Kardashian as the lead.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Screamed When Kim Called on Tyler

The Dream Guy – SNLA dating show attempts to pair a single woman (Kim Kardashian West) with the man of her dreams. Saturday Night Live. Stream now on Peacock: bit.ly/3j1IRUk Subscribe to SNL: goo.gl/tUsXwM Stream Current Full Episodes: nbc.com/saturday-night-live WATCH PAST SNL SEASONS Google Play – bit.ly/SNLGooglePlay iTunes – bit.ly/SNLiTunes SNL ON SOCIAL SNL Instagram: instagram.com/nbcsnl SNL Facebook: facebook.com/snl…2021-10-10T06:04:48Z

It seems as though there were a lot of Tyler C. fans in the “SNL” audience, as evidenced by the audible screams that followed Kim calling him up to receive his “token.” The spoof, called “The Dream Guy,” poked fun at ABC’s “Bachelorette.”

“Next up. Tyler C,” Kim said, as the crowd cheered. Tyler approached Kim with his casual swag. “Tyler. Thank you so much for showing me your perfectly hot body,” Kim said. “That was really vulnerable of you. Do you accept this token?” Kim asked.

“I do,” Tyler responded. “Thank you. See you in the hot tub,” he added, before walking off camera. “The Dream Guy” ended up being one of the most talked about skits of the night — and Tyler was one of the talked about guys who took part in it.

Fans on Reddit Are Praising Tyler Following His ‘SNL’ Cameo

“Bachelor” franchise fans couldn’t help but praise Tyler for landing a role on “SNL.” Although he didn’t say more than a sentence, it was a big spot for a guy who appeared on a reality television dating show.

Several fans commented on just how good Tyler looked — which really isn’t new.

“He looks better than ever. Nice hair cut,” one Redditor commented on a thread about Tyler’s cameo on the October 9, 2021, episode of “SNL.”

“There hot then there is Tyler Cameron, like so so hot,” added another.

“Wow he looked really good!! Best looking guy among many good looking guys,” a third person added.

Meanwhile, other fans pointed out how much the “Bachelorette” has really helped put him on the map. In fact, many seem to think that he’s had the most success out of any person to ever appear on one of the franchise shows.

“I think Tyler won the entire Bachelor franchise. Not the season he was on, but definitely just the entire franchise. Good for him tbh,” a Redditor wrote.

“Tyler C just seems to have that ‘it’ factor. I can see why many Bachelor alum are very jealous of him,” another suggested.

“This is huge! His agent needs a raise. Can’t believe a one-season reality TV star (and his season aired 2 years ago mind you) is on ‘SNL.’ This is why he doesn’t need or want to be the Bachelor,” read another comment.

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