Previously Engaged BiP Star Spotted on Vacation With Controversial Ex of Katie Thurston

The season 8 remaining 'Bachelor in Paradise' contestants

ABC The "Bachelor in Paradise" contestants for season 8 who remain.

A major “Bachelor in Paradise” spoiler has just emerged, and it is a game-changer. Rumors started swirling about this shocker over the weekend, and now “The Bachelor” spoiler king Reality Steve has confirmed the scoop. Fans always love to see a romance flourish in paradise and transition smoothly to the real world with this show. For one season 8 couple, however, things have taken a very wild turn that nobody could have seen coming.

Warning! Major “Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers ahead!

Victoria Fuller Initially Got Engaged to Johnny DePhillipo

According to “Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers from Reality Steve, Victoria Fuller got engaged to Johnny DePhillipo at the end of filming for season 8. Given what viewers watched during Monday night’s episode, that might seem rather shocking. As everybody saw, Fuller took an interest in Alex Bordyukov during the “split week” twist, potentially leaving DePhillipo out in the cold. While Fuller seemed on the verge of moving full steam ahead with Bordyukov, “Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers indicate she ultimately sticks with DePhillipo.

Fuller and DiPhillipo got engaged in the “Bachelor in Paradise” finale, Reality Steve revealed over the summer, and spoilers confirmed they were together for a while after filming. However, it seems that is over now. Over the weekend, YouTuber Dave Neal shared some information that now Reality Steve has confirmed, at least to an extent. Fans who were rooting for Fuller and DePhillipo to go the distance are going to be left greatly disappointed.

The Engagement Is Over, & She’s Already Moved on to Someone New

The rumors suggested that Fuller and DePhillipo split about six weeks ago and that she was now involved with another “Bachelor Nation” veteran. Neal reported rumors were she had cheated on DePhillipo, but that tidbit seems to still be a rumor for now. Reality Steve did share that he had received information a while ago indicating Fuller and DePhillipo split in mid-September, but he did not share that until this new situation developed. A couple of different “Bachelor” fans thought they spotted Fuller in Italy, and she was not with DePhillipo.

On October 25, Reality Steve shared a big confirmation via Twitter regarding Fuller’s new beau. She is involved with Greg Grippo, “The Bachelorette” Katie Thurston’s former frontrunner. “(SPOILER NOW CONFIRMED): Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo in Rome today near the Trevi foundation,” he tweeted. He promised he had a video to share as well, and this one left little doubt. The short video clip someone sent to Reality Steve shows Fuller and Grippo walking together Tuesday morning in Italy, where they had previously been spotted.

Neither Fuller nor Grippo have posted about the trip on social media as of yet. They also have tried to keep this romance under wraps. Until the “Bachelor in Paradise” finale airs, Fuller certainly should not be spotted with another man, especially someone else from “Bachelor Nation.” It might be interesting to see if now their strategy might change, given this new confirmation. The reunion show for season 8 will film soon, and additional spoilers will surely emerge after that. How much will viewers learn about what happened between Fuller, DePhillipo, and Grippo post-engagement? Everybody will be eager to find out.