Victoria Larson Posts Bikini Photos Following Viral Body Shaming Video

Victoria Larson arrives to meet Matt James in a chair carried by four men.

ABC Victoria Larson arrives at Nemacolin Resort.

Victoria Larson appears to have an answer for Matt James‘ friends.

Hours after a video in which one of James’ friends made a comment about Larson’s body surfaced on social media, The Bachelor star took to Instagram to post what appears to be a response.

As previously reported by Heavy, James was hanging out with some friends, including Tyler Cameron, who was previously on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, over the weekend when Larson’s name came up. The guys were playing a round of golf when one of the dudes in the group — James’ caddy — made a comment about Larson’s body.

“Now how was Victoria’s body? ‘Cause when I look at her, it doesn’t look very nice… and you’ve been making out with this woman,” he said. His comments were caught on video by someone in the group, and that video made its way to the internet.

In the time since, Larson decided to post a couple of pictures of herself wearing a black bikini, showing off her flat stomach and killer curves. Fans seem to think that Larson posted these photos in direct response to James’ friend body shaming her.

Here’s what you need to know:

Victoria Larson Posted Her Bikini Photo & Revealed She Does Pilates

Victoria Larson didn’t waste much time showing off her body on Instagram. Her latest post shows her wearing a black two piece bathing suit and a gold body chair around her mid-section. Larson, who refers to herself as “Queen Victoria” on the show, made it a point to let her followers know that she was listening to their comments.

“Y’all r too much (sic),” she captioned the photo set, adding the cat crying with laughter emoji and the woman dancing in a red dress emoji. Larson also added that she keeps her body in shape by doing pilates. She tagged Natural Pilates and Carrie’s Pilate Plus in the caption as well.

Larson received some mixed feedback, but most people were on board with her body-positive post.

“You run this show. WERK IT QUEEEENNNNN,” wrote one Instagram user.

“Yessss queen KILL IT,” added another.

“The Queen is looking bomb af,” echoed a third.

Victoria Larson Also Posted a Photo About Hypocrisy Earlier in the Evening

Just after the video of Matt James’ friends laughing about Larson surfaced on the internet, the reality television star took to Instagram to post something that else that could have been a response.

Many fans commented on the body shaming video saying that the guy that made the comments wasn’t very attractive, and noted that he was short. Larson may have picked up on the same thing — or she may have agreed with the comments — and posted the above meme.

The photo on top shows beauty pageant contestants — all gorgeous women competing for a crown. The photo on the bottom shows a heavier-set man with unkempt hair holding a glass of beer. The caption written on his photo reads, “her nose is too big.” The meme, which has popped up other places on the internet, can be interpreted many different ways.

Several fans took to the comments section of the post to agree with Larson’s feelings.

“Truth,” one Instagram user commented.

“Accurate,” wrote a second.

“Excellent response,” added a third, leaving three clapping hands emoji.

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