This Controversial ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Just Nuked Her Instagram Account

The Bachelor

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It seems as though the negativity may have been too much for one particular reality star, who, after weeks of backlash, has decided to step away from the public eye.

Victoria Larson is not longer on Instagram. The self-named “Queen” appears to have deleted her account on Thursday, February 4, leaving behind no trace of her social media presence.

The move comes after Larson was taking a lot of heat for her behavior on The Bachelor. Although Matt James sent Larson home on Monday night, she has been ridiculed online, called a bully, and she’s been the topic of conversations on podcasts across Bachelor Nation.

The “Queen” may decide to reinstate her account in the future, but, for now, the world will have to live with a little less Larson in it.

Here’s what you need to know:

Victoria Larson Previously Made Her Account Private

'Queen' Victoria Larson

ABC/Craig Sjodin‘Queen’ Victoria Larson during a ‘Bachelor’ cocktail party.

Larson is not a stranger to Instagram hate. In fact, when an old mugshot from a previous arrest popped up on the internet, she made her account private for a bit.

Just a couple of weeks ago, The Sun found records that showed that Larson had been arrested for petit theft in Tallahassee, Florida. Police claimed the reality star was caught shoplifting 25 items from a Publix grocery store back in 2012.

Larson’s mugshot photo was circulated thanks to online news outlets, and just about everyone who watches The Bachelor was talking about it.

Not long after, Larson took to Instagram to post a vague response.

“Every saint has a past & every sinner has a future. & John 8: 7,” she captioned a post. Said post is no longer available due to Larson deleting her account.

Matt James Recently Spoke Out About His Decision to Send Victoria Larson Home

It was the moment that just about every Bachelor fan was waiting for; Victoria was not given a rose. While you may have been wondering how James felt about sending his season villain home, he admitted that he “couldn’t have been less fazed.”

“I had dealt with so much at that point, I couldn’t have been less fazed. I had nothing left to give at that point,” James told Us Weekly on the “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast.

James did, however, have some positive light to shine on Larson, and truly seems to believe that she will find love someday.

“I can only speak to my experience. And I think that if I was in her shoes, I would try to get to the core of why I treat people that way, or say the things that I do so that I can better understand myself and I don’t project that on to the next person that I’m with. Because she has a lot of love to give. And if she can get past the things that she’s dealing with now, then she’ll be fine,” James said on Us Weekly’s podcast.

Larson has been a hot topic for many people over the past few weeks. As previously reported by Heavy, former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay had some things to say about the “Queen” that weren’t the nicest.

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