Villain on ‘The Bachelor’ Asks Fans to Dial Back Hateful Messages

Contestants on season 25 of 'The Bachelor'

ABC/Craig Sjodin Contestants on season 25 of 'The Bachelor' chatting during the cocktail portion of a rose ceremony.

Victoria Larson didn’t mind stepping on toes during her time on The Bachelor, but she took to Instagram to say that some of the backlash she’s received since getting eliminated has gone too far.

Larson, 28, shared screenshots of a few comments and messages she has received on social media encouraging her to commit suicide.

“Probably the only person I wouldn’t mind getting bullied to suicide,” one comment read.

“Kill yourself,” said another.

Later, Larson posted videos on her Instagram story talking about the comments she’s received.

“Ok, so I normally wouldn’t post something like that, but I just logged on my TikTok and saw it and was kind of shocked,” Larson said. “I mean, I’m going to go live my life and have drinks with my friends. I’m super happy; I’m not suicidal, but if somebody is, it’s really not cool to be sending those things. So whoever is one of the keyboard warriors and likes to send stuff, I mean, I wish you peace and healing for whatever you’re going through. Thank God I have an amazing life, but I’m sure there are some people who are going through stuff and we should really be nicer online.

“I also wanted to address why I shared it. It’s so you guys can see there’s a human being on the other side. Like yes, I have bags under my eyes, my bra shows, but I’m still a human and it’s hurtful to read those things. Just because I’m choosing not to get bothered by it today doesn’t negate the fact of how wrong it is, and I just want you guys to see that there’s a human when you send your messages that’s reading them so be nicer. Maybe there’s some aliens out there, but mostly it’s humans, so just be kinder and just know that we’re all doing our best.”

Victoria Larson Apologized for Her Actions in January

'Queen' Victoria Larson

ABC/Craig Sjodin‘Queen’ Victoria Larson on a ‘Bachelor’ group date.

Larson was the center of controversy in the first half of season 25 of The Bachelor. She feuded with Marylynn Sienna, Sarah Trott, and had negative things to say about several other women too before Matt James finally reckoned with the bullying culture among the contestants.

While other contestants like Kit Keenan and MJ Snyder were quick to apologize after an episode showed the group of women piling on to Trott, Larson did not. It wasn’t until the end of January — just a few days before the episode Larson was eliminated — did she finally say sorry for her actions on the show.

“I think in my effort to make my opinions heard it may have been perceived as bullying by some, and I feel bad if my words or actions offended anyone,” Larson wrote in an Instagram story. “I take time each day to reflect and learn the lessons.

“I think it’s important to learn from the past, live in the present, and to always move forward with a positive attitude. We learn more each day about social media and how it impacts us. I just want to encourage us all to be more positive and supportive.

“Lastly, of course name calling is never okay but I hold myself accountable and can just do better next time I cannot change the past. It truly was not malicious and I am so sorry. I love each girl I met on my journey!”

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