Controversial ‘Bachelor’ Star Says Show Was the ‘Worst Experience’ in Life

"Bachelor in Paradise" cast.

ABC A controversial member of Bachelor Nation slams producers.

There have been a handful of people who have appeared on the “Bachelor” franchise that regret their decision to do so.

One of those people is Victoria Larson, who appeared on Matt James’ season of the show before agreeing to do “Bachelor in Paradise.” Larson became the villain of James’ season almost instantly, when she showed up night one wearing a crown. The reality star sat on a throne and was carried on to the set where she met James for the first time.

From there, Larson referred to herself as “the queen” and had a penchant for belittling the other women. She was labeled a “bully” and became one of the most hated women in franchise history. Needless to say, fans didn’t care much for Larson, who was given a rose week after week until James sent her home during the fourth rose ceremony.

“He’s not my king and I’m still a queen. Matt is a jester and I feel sorry for his choices. The house is going to feel so sad I’m gone. I brought everyone so much joy,” Larson said in the car after being eliminated, according to The Sun.

Larson didn’t have the best time in Paradise, either, and she’s now speaking out about how she was depicted on the shows.

Here’s what you need to know:

Larson Blamed Producers for Making Her Look Bad

Larson took to her Instagram Stories to share a bit about her experience on the franchise.

“One of my favorite things is when people recognize me and are purposefully rude to me cause they think I’m an awful person,” she wrote on one slide. “I’m almost as great as the online trolls,” she continued.

“Obviously that’s sarcasm. Doing the show was probably the worst experience of my life and I hate the producers truly,” Larson added. “However, I try and look with greater perspective. There are way more significant issues in the world and mine are minuscule in comparison. Focus on my blessings always,” she concluded.

Someone then responded to Larson in her DMs — and she shared the message on her Stories.

“You literally pulled a crown off a girls head? Those were your actions,” the message wrote.

“Yea and I’m sureeee that was my IDEA,” Larson wrote in response.

As part of a Q&A, someone asked Larson, “why do you hate the producers?”

“Cause they’re manipulative and pick and choose ‘story lines,” she responded.

Larson Previously Admitted That She Didn’t Take ‘The Bachelor’ Seriously

It’s clear that Larson had a persona that she maintained throughout her time on “The Bachelor,” and she previously said that she really didn’t take the experience seriously.

“I feel like a lot of the girls [on the show] were careful about what they said… They wanted to present themselves well and like, yeah, I just wanted to have fun. It’s a show. I wasn’t taking it seriously. ‘Cause, I mean, that’s what it was,” Larson told Amanda Hirsch on the April 6, 2021, episode of the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast.

“I think Matt is an amazing person. I definitely grew to appreciate him, but I didn’t personally have that romantic spark or that, like, physical chemistry. I didn’t feel it. So, I was just like, ‘Okay, let’s bring the queen. Like, let’s just have fun with it,'” she added.

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