WATCH ‘The Bachelor’s’ Sean Lowe Playfully Roast His Wife

Catherine Guidici, Sean Lowe

Getty Catherine Guidici & Sean Lowe

Known as one of the funniest and goofiest leads ever to be on “The Bachelor,” Sean Lowe has definitely not lost his sense of humor since being on the show. A recent Instagram video posted by his wife, Catherine Giudici, shows him trying to imitate her to get back at her for making fun of him earlier. It’s short. It’s sweet. And it’s hilarious!

WATCH The ‘Roasting’ Video

The video shows Lowe, dressed in aqua shorts and a grey T-shirt, holding what appears to be a red onion on his head, muttering, “Duhrrr. I get to walk around with a bun on my head. Duhrrr.” He suddenly spots a bottle of water, grabs it and pretends to drink out of it while saying “Oh, Fiji! Bwwe Bwwe Bwze.”

Giudici captioned the video with “I imitated him first and this is all he could come up with. I walk around, I wear a bun on my head and I drink water. Roasted.”

Fans thought the clip was hysterical. One Instagram user posted “You guys both get A+‘s though for keeping your sense of humor through your move. Keep laughing, love.” The poster is referring to the couple moving to their new house, with their three children in tow, in July.

Another fan joked, “This should have been his Bachelor audition video.”  One fan commented, “I’m literally crying laughing at this,” while another wrote, “Want some ice for that sick BURN?!”

Lowe first showed America his plucky personality when he was a suitor on Emily Maynard’s season of “The Bachelorette” in 2012. When he took her home during ‘final four week’ (hometowns) to meet his parents, he played a practical joke on her and made her think he still lived at home. He actually got sent packing by Maynard at the final three rose ceremony, which left some fans thinking that the prank may have backfired.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lowe was stunned by the rejection, telling the outlet, “Never once did I think I wouldn’t receive a rose.”  But it all worked out for the best. Lowe met Giudici on his season of “The Bachelor” (season 17), they tied the knot in 2014, and have been happily married ever since.

Always the Prankster

Lowe regularly makes odd posts on social media that tend to have fans in stitches. One of his most notable posts involved an app that can age anyone way beyond their years. While most people use the app on adults, Lowe chose to use it on his three-year-old daughter, Mia. The results were hilarious yet slightly disturbing.

In June, Lowe posted an Instagram video of himself trying out “dad jokes” on his wife and children just in time for Father’s Day.  His caption read, “My jokes were obviously too sophisticated for the dolts listening,” and the clip included cricket sounds after each joke fell flat.

The house flipper definitely has his serious side too, especially when it comes to sharing his love for his wife and children, who make up the vast majority of his Instagram page.

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