Wells Adams Reveals ‘Weird’ Thing Everyone Does on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Wells Adams

ABC Wells Adams.

Wells Adams has been the bartender on “Bachelor in Paradise” for years. He scored the gig after emerging as the resident drink maker during JoJo Fletcher’s season of “The Bachelorette,” where he introduced his co-stars to his signature drink, the Old Fashioned, per Delish.

In 2021, Adams served as a part-time host on the summertime spinoff amid the unexpected exit of original host Chris Harrison. When Jesse Palmer was hired as the new Bachelor Nation host, Adams admitted he really wanted the gig.

Adams told Us Weekly he was “a little bit” bummed that Palmer ended up getting the job over him. “I wanted that job, come on,” he said. “It’s the best job in the world. You fly around, you say three words, [give] last rose [and] get outta here.”

But Adams’ beachside bartending job isn’t so bad either, and he recently spilled some secrets about what goes down behind the bar in Paradise.

Wells Adams Said the Drinking Habits are ‘Weird’ on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Bachelor in Paradise Cast

ABCBachelor in Paradise Cast.

“Bachelor in Paradise” is filmed every summer in Mexico, but Adams serves few Mexican drinks. In a May 2022 interview with Extra, he addressed the recent announcement that Palmer will officially host “Bachelor in Paradise” this summer as well as his returning role on the show.

“I’ve always been the bartender, we’re going back baby,” he said. “I film a show in Mexico for a month. There are worse gigs, you know?”

Adams noted that the best part of shooting the ABC dating show is “Location — and I know where all the booze is. That’s important.”

Adams also dished on his best drink recipe. “My best cocktail is an old-fashioned, but no one ever orders it because that’s a weird beach drink,” he said. The Bachelor Nation alum explained that most of the contestants choose “skinny” drinks because they are filming in bathing suits most of the time.

“I do a lot of tequila sodas, because everyone is terrified of carbs down there — which is understandable, they gotta showcase their abs 24/7, “ he said. “So there’s a lot of vodka soda, tequila soda.

Adams also noted that “every year, there is a weird drink that everyone wants.”

“Last year, everyone drank champagne, which  I think is like a weird thing to do in Mexico. You think like margarita, but no,” he said. “The year before that it was white wine with Redbull. Terrible, but everyone drank it! So I’m excited to see what this year has in store for us.”

Wells Adams Previously Said No One Drinks Beer on the Beach

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The “Bachelor in Paradise” drinking habits have changed a bit since Adams first replaced Jorge Moreno as bartender back in season 4. In a previous interview with Men’s Health, Adams revealed that early on, he was mixing up fruity cocktails. “At the beginning, it’s a lot of margaritas, daiquiris, and piña coladas,” he said of his early drink making. “At some point, a lot of tequila shots.’

But he added that the contestants soon got tired of the high-calorie, sugary drinks and then switched to tequila sodas.

“No one drinks beer because everyone is terrified of carbs,” he added. “The only people that drank beer were [Chris] Bukowski and…me, probably.”

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