Wells Adams Opens Up About the Future of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Getty Images Wells Adams shares his feelings on hosting "Bachelor in Paradise."

Popular ABC dating show “Bachelor in Paradise” was at a bit of a stand still at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, but producers were able to get things figured out to bring the show back in 2021 while keeping the cast and crew safe.

The show went on as planned over the summer, and three couples ended up getting engaged on the finale while two couples were able to rekindle their feelings post-show, and are still dating. And while Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian have ended their engagement, the 2021 season can still be considered an overall success.

Fans of the “Bachelor” franchise show are hoping for more BiP in the summer of 2022, and there’s someone else who is looking forward to the same thing: bartender turned master of ceremonies, Wells Adams.

With Jesse Palmer the official new host of “The Bachelor,” it would make sense to have him in “Paradise” to officially replace Chris Harrison, but it sounds like Adams may be taking on the job solo.

Here’s what you need to know:

Adams Thinks the Focus of ‘Paradise’ Needs to Be on the Singles

“Bachelor” producers switched things up in 2021 by having some guest hosts come in. From David Spade to Lil Jon, the guest host situation was a different take, but did it work? Adams suggested that things could look different for the 2022 season.

“Don’t get me wrong, like, hanging out with David Spade on a beach filming a television show is pretty freaking awesome, [but] the stars of that show are not the people who are hosting it or the people who are serving drinks,” Adams told Us Weekly.

“The stars are the people who are in those relationships and the best jobs are done by the people who are able to take a backseat and let the story unfold. It’s a roundabout way of saying like, ‘I would love to have anyone who wants to come down there, Ben [Higgins] can come down and hang out with me as much as he wants, but the truth of the matter is that I want everyone to focus on what’s important, which is the love stories,'” Adams continued.

“And so sometimes that could come across as a little convoluted if there’s too many cooks in the kitchen. But I’m just excited to get back down there. It was so much fun to do this last season. It was a return to normalcy because we had taken a year off and not to pump own up tires up much, but that show success rate is really good. I wanna see more beautiful love stories unfold on a crab-infested beach,” he added.

Adams Has Been Ready to Take on a Hosting Role

Serving as the trusted bartender for the romance hopefuls, Adams previously said that he was ready to take on a bigger role — if that’s what was needed of him.

“Whatever they want me to do I’m ready to do it,” Adams told ABC 11 in September 2021. “I’m not sure what the next step is, but whatever ABC and Bachelor Nation wants I’ll go do it. If they want me to host the show, sure I’ll go do that. If they want me to be the janitor next season, OK, I’ll go do that too. Whatever you guys want,” he explained.

When ABC announced that Jesse Palmer was going to be the new host of “The Bachelor,” Adams admitted that he was “a little bit [bummed].” He told Us Weekly that he understood the decision, and that he was ultimately “happy” for Palmer.

Now, however, it sounds like Adams is ready to have a bigger role on “Paradise” and he’s ready to bring the show’s focus back on the potential couples.

As of January 24, 2022, however, the show has not been renewed for another season, according to TV Series Finale. ABC is expected to make that decision in the coming months, which offers producers plenty of time to get that Mexican villa ready — and to ink a deal with Adams to give him the official host title.

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