Will Wells Adams Be the New Host of the ‘Bachelor’ Franchise?

Getty Images Chris Harrison and Wells Adams.

Wells Adams is set to take on a bigger role for the new season of “Bachelor in Paradise” after the “Bachelor” franchise parted ways with longtime host Chris Harrison.

Back in June, Bachelor Nation reported that Adams would be returning to Mexico as everyone’s favorite bartender, but that he would also be serving as the “master of all Rose Ceremonies.” Additionally, Adams “will host one of the later episodes in the season, rounding out the previously announced slate of celebrity co-hosts,” the site confirmed.

As “Bachelor in Paradise” kicks off on Monday, August 16, 2021, fans will get to see the new direction of the show, which will be hosted by David Spade, Lil Jon, Titus Burgess, and Lance Bass, rather than Harrison, which will undoubtedly be different.

The future of the franchise — when it comes to who will host — is uncertain at the present time. Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams have signed on to co-host Michelle Young’s season of “The Bachelorette,” but a permanent host solution is expected to be announced sometime after that. But, will it be Adams?

Here’s what you need to know:

Adams Prefers the Role of Bartender & Isn’t Really Thinking of Becoming Host

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Adams revealed that he doesn’t think that hosting is the right job for him — he’d much prefer to keep his gig as bartender.

“Those are really large shoes to fill. I want to be a part of the franchise in whatever aspect that they want me to be involved, to be honest with you. I love being the bartender. The host role is the one that is a little bit separated from the cast, if you’re really looking at it objectively,” Adams told the outlet.

“[With] the bartender role, I’m entrenched with everyone. I’m kind of a part of the landscape, so my relationship with them is a very strong one. Whereas the host role has got to be a little bit step back and a little bit more objective, I suppose,” he added.

When it comes to hosting, Adams admits that he hasn’t been asked — but also said that he’s not really opposed to it.

“I don’t really know how I would do stepping into that role. Whatever Bachelor Nation wants and what ABC wants, I’m happy to do. But I’m just excited for ‘Paradise.’ I’m excited to mix up some margaritas and some drama and just watch it all burn in front of me,” he added.

Adams Didn’t Think Harrison Would Be Fired

Harrison’s future on the “Bachelor” franchise was in limbo for several weeks, with many wondering if he would return as host after making the decision to step aside earlier this year. When asked about the situation, Adams felt confident that Harrison would be back.

“It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. First of all, Chris isn’t going anywhere. He’s got the best job in Hollywood. Tom Hanks would agree that he has the best job in Hollywood. He’s not going anywhere. And I know that everyone’s like, well, he’s moving to Texas. Guess what, everybody? It’s a travel show. He can live in Timbuktu and still do the show. They only film a week and a half in Agoura Hills. The rest of the show is off everywhere else,” Adams previously told People magazine.

As previously reported by Heavy, Adams would be a good fit for the role in many ways — not only is he a member of Bachelor Nation, but he’s also a former radio on-air personality, according to Insider. In addition, he majored in broadcast journalism.

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