Popular ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Alum Is Ready to Tie the Knot: ‘Let’s Make it Official Already’

Bride and groom

Pixabay A bride and groom celebrate their wedding day.

It has been a long road to getting married for one popular “Bachelor in Paradise” star, but the big day is finally right around the corner. Wells Adams did not find love while on “The Bachelorette” or in paradise, but he did find love after sliding into the social media direct messages of “Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland. After a couple of wedding day delays, the couple is tying the knot soon, and they made it clear in a recent Instagram post that they are eager to get this done.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Pair Noted What Would Have Been Their 2nd Anniversary

Adams and Hyland got engaged in 2019 during an exotic vacation, and they started planning their dream wedding shortly after that. However, the coronavirus pandemic caused two separate wedding delays for the couple. It was recently revealed their wedding was “just a few short weeks” away, which means the nuptials should finally take place any day now. They have celebrated their bachelorette and bachelor parties and had a wedding shower, and a recent new Instagram post they both shared hints it’s now full-steam ahead for the wedding itself.

On August 8, Hyland and Adams both shared a pair of photos on their respective Instagram pages, and it included a sweet caption. “8.8.20 2 years of would be marriage bliss. I LOVE YOU to Pluto and Back,” Hyland’s caption began. “Let’s make it official already.” As Hyland noted, had it not been for the delays they encountered, the couple would have just celebrated their second anniversary.

The Delays Are Almost Over

In October 2020, Hyland appeared on “The Ellen Show” to talk about the initial wedding postponement. “Yeah, we were going to get married 8/8/20. Not happening anymore,” Hyland shared. She explained that they still did something special for what would have been their initial wedding day. “It was my first time out of the house, out of quarantine, and we went to a winery,” she detailed. They invited close family members, bridesmaids, her maid of honor, and his best man, and everybody got tested for COVID-19 first. She wore a white dress and veil, her bridesmaids got her a bouquet, and they “took fake wedding pictures for fun.”

Soon, Hyland and Adams will get to do it all for real. The Instagram post the couple jointly uploaded received over 420,000 “likes” over the course of a few days, along with several hundred comments.

“Looking forward to this celebration,” former “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison commented.

“Y’all I’ve been waiting for this wedding forever. I need it,” someone admitted.

“You guys are the cutest!! I love that you found your person Wells!” another fan noted.

Quite a few commenters either did not realize the couple had not gotten married yet or were not aware of why they had waited so long. Some even wondered if Adams had gotten cold feet. Luckily, that does not appear to be the case at all, and official wedding glimpses should emerge soon.

“I keep saying congratulations and then realize they haven’t gotten married yet,” someone else joked. From the sounds of things, all the confusion will clear up very soon.

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