Quitting The Bachelorette: Why Clare Crawley Leaves

Bachelorette Clare Crawley


By now, fans of Bachelor Nation are well aware that the show’s lead, Clare Crawley, left her season after falling for contestant Dale Moss early on. The move forced ABC to bring in a new bachelorette, who ended up being Tayshia Adams.

Multiple outlets have reported that Clare is currently engaged to Moss.

According to a recent Reality Steve report, it appears that Clare’s time on the show has been extended to five episodes before Adams will take over.

Here’s what you need to know.

Clare Fell for Dale Before Filming Began

Clare fell for Dale even before filming began.

In his October 14 post, Reality Steve wrote, “Clearly she already had him built up in her head pre-show from peeping his social media, but to see her react the way she did once she finally met him in person, whether it’s because she wanted it to work so bad or not, you could tell it was ballgame the second he arrived.”

Unlike the bachelors and bachelorettes on the show before her, Clare had four months to follow her contestants on social media, and during that time, she clearly formed some opinions about the guys she would meet on her season. What Reality Steve has emphasized, however, is that Clare and Dale did not have any contact pre-show. The extent of them ‘knowing one another’ was Clare perusing Dale’s Instagram. They did not share any texts or DMs.

The first impression rose went to Dale last week (unsurprisingly.) And in previews for the coming weeks, we’ve seen a few shots of the two in bed together.

The Men Turn Against Clare

While many fear that knowing the fate of Clare’s days on the show means the season will be devoid of drama, we have two words of wisdom: think again. In the upcoming episodes, Clare’s contestants turn against her amid her growing crush on Dale.

In a preview for the October 20 episode, one of the contestants tells the cameras, “Clare’s actions are completely unacceptable.”

Tonight’s episode will consist of two group dates, along with a one-on-one.


Recently, Clare has been making headlines for her ‘engagement ring.’

Photos obtained by Page Six showed Clare walking the streets with an engagement ring on her ring finger; later, on Instagram, Clare showed off the jewelry and wrote, “People have noticed I wear this ring on my wedding finger and have asked why! The truth is because it is a commitment to myself first and foremost, to embody self-love.”

She continued, “In the past, I found myself getting into relationships where there was little to no reciprocity and in the end would feel depleted and empty. This is my promise to myself. To make sure I always had enough self-love that no matter what happened, I was committed to loving myself unconditionally. And that is something no man could take away from me.”

As Life & Style pointed out, Clare and Dale have remained “hush-hush” about the details of their relationship, and neither has publicly admitted to being engaged.

However, an insider tells the outlet that the couple is “still very much together and in love.”

Watch The Bachelorette tonight on ABC at 8pm ET/PT.

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