Did the ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Just Spoil the Whole Season?

ABC Katie Thurston.

The current season of “The Bachelorette” has been airing for three weeks, and spoilers have been released when it comes to who Katie Thurston ends up engaged to on the show’s finale — or if she even ends up engaged at all.

While many people look to Reality Steve or Reddit to figure out the spoilers for the season, others have paid very close attention to the social media activity of their favorite contestants, and sometimes, just sometimes, things start to add up.

For example, on the last season of “The Bachelor,” fans were quick to notice that Matt James was listening to a Spotify playlist created by Rachael Kirkconnell. Turns out, that’s who he ended up choosing in the end. Moreover, James posted a video of himself creating a charcuterie board every Monday night before “The Bachelor” aired. In Kirkconnell’s ABC bio, she revealed that she was a big fan of charcuterie boards.

Now, fans are thinking that something similar is going on with Thurston’s winner and that his Instagram activity has basically confirmed that he ends up with her in the end.

Warning: “Bachelorette” spoilers to follow.

Here’s what you need to know:

Blake Moynes Is an Animal Lover but Has Been Upping His Cat Game on Instagram

It’s no secret that Blake Moynes, who will join the cast of “The Bachelorette” on Monday, June 28, 2021, is a fan of animals. Not only does he do a lot of activist work, but he also works as a wildlife manager, according to his ABC bio.

Moynes’ Instagram is filled with plenty of pictures and videos of him and his dog, but lately, he has really upped the cat content. If you’re a fan of Thurston’s, you know that she is simply in love with her cat named Tommy. Thurston does appear to love animals as well, but she is first and foremost a cat mom.

In a recent Instagram share, Moynes uploaded a photo of himself holding a cat while wearing a shirt that reads “Cat Daddy.” If you swipe on the photo, you’ll see another photo of a T-shirt with “Cat Mama” written on the top left.

Redditors were quick to pick up on this maybe-spoiler, and a thread was started that was titled “Strategic tease from our F1?

Thurston Has Upped Her Animal Content on Instagram

Thurston hasn’t exactly been innocent in the Instagram sharing department, either. In recent days, she has shared more animals photos and videos, perhaps showing that she and Moynes really are a post-show thing (this has already been confirmed by Reality Steve).

Not only has Thurston taken to her Instagram Stories to share photos and videos of dogs, but she’s also shared other animals such as birds.

This past weekend, Thurston shared some content from the San Antonio River Walk. She posted a video of ducks in a pond and a still photo of a cool-looking bird. “My favorite part of this walk,” she captioned the bird pic.

The very next day? Moynes shared a photo of himself holding a hawk. Coincidence? Only time will tell.

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