Was the ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Spoiled in Finale Trailer? Fans Notice Dead Giveaway

ABC Fans think they know who wins 'The Bachelorette' thanks to the finale trailer.

The winner of Michelle Young‘s season of “The Bachelorette” has been spoiled thanks to Reality Steve, but fans also think that ABC has revealed the person who ends up getting down on one knee, thanks to the finale trailer.

Warning: Major “Bachelorette” spoilers ahead.

Reality Steve has already revealed that Michelle accepts a proposal from Nayte Olukoya. It will come down to Nayte and Brandon Jones, and Michelle will ultimately choose Nayte, and the two will get engaged on the finale.

Fans have wondered if Reality Steve’s intel was correct, mainly because Michelle has a very strong connection with her other guys, but Reality Steve has doubled down more than once.

There have also been social media indicators that seem to make it obvious that Nayte was the one that Michelle chose in the end, such as his Instagram shares, and the fact that he’s been liking pictures of Michelle shared by fan accounts for months.

Now, fans think that the season has been spoiled — and that Reality Steve’s spoilers have been confirmed — by one specific clip in the new teaser.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Are Convinced That Nayte Is Holding an Engagement Ring in the Finale Trailer

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In the finale teaser (above), a man’s hands are shown around the 1:57 mark. One of Michelle’s guys is holding an engagement ring in the shot — and many fans are convinced that those are Nayte’s hands. The dead giveaway? The scars.

“After careful examination of all the F3’s hands (thumb shape, scars), I am 99.9% sure it’s Nayte holding the engagement ring in the finale trailer,” one Redditor commented on a spoiler thread.

“Someone posted last week that the scars on the finger match Nayte’s scars exactly, and they showed side by side pics. So ya it’s def him,” another person added.

“Yeah I’ve heard a fair amount [about] it being Nayte’s hands! I’m just surprised the producers added that part into the trailer when it’s so easily identifiable,” a third comment read.

And while the final two guys generally both meet with Neil Lane and pick out a ring for the “Bachelorette,” fans seem to think that this is Nayte and this is Michelle’s ring.

Will Michelle & Nayte Last?

Fans will have to wait for the “After the Final Rose” special on December 21, 2021, to see if Michelle and Nayte are still together. Assuming they are, many are already wondering if the two will last — and even Reality Steve has mentioned the possibility of a break-up.

“[Michelle] said she’s not nailed to [Minnesota], so, I guess there’s a chance she moves. But I also think that’ll be determined by if she and Nayte last,” Steve wrote in response to a reader who asked if he thinks Michelle would move out of her home state.

“It’s impossible for me to gauge people’s happiness when it comes to this show. We’ve seen people post how much they were in love with someone, then be broken up weeks later. We’ve seen supportive social media posts and pictures together, only to see a breakup shortly thereafter. Not even just with this show, but even regular people in our lives. So we don’t really know what’s going on. All I know is [Michelle and Nayte are] still engaged. I guess you can judge when you see them together at the ATFR if you think they’re gonna last,” he responded to another reader email.

Some fans have expressed doubts about Michelle and Nayte going the distance as well.

“I hope Michelle and Nayte work out in the end, but I have some doubts long term,” one Redditor commented on a “Bachelorette” thread.

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