‘The Bachelor’ 2022 Spoilers for ‘Women Tell All’

Women Tell All

ABC/Craig Sjodin Clayton Echard faces the women he sent home during the “Women Tell All” special.

Clayton Echard is getting ready for Fantasy Suite dates on “The Bachelor,” but first the dating competition is kicking off its two-night event with the “Women Tell All” special. The Missouri-native will come face-to-face with 17 of the women he sent home, with notable contestants also taking the hot seat.


17 Contestants Attended the ‘Women Tell All’

ABC teased the “Women Tell All” will be a “night of drama, laughter and maybe even a few tears when Clayton’s former flames reunite for the first time.”

The 17 former contestants returning for “Women Tell All” are:

  • Cassidy Timbrooks, 26, an executive assistant from Los Angeles, California
  • Claire Heilig, 28, a spray tanner from Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Eliza Isichei, 25, a marketing manager from Berlin, Germany
  • Elizabeth Corrigan, 32, a real estate advisor from Highlands Ranch, Colorado
  • Genevieve Parisi, 26, a bartender from Los Angeles, California
  • Hunter Haag, 28, a human resources specialist from Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Jill Chin, 26, an architectural historian from Scituate, Rhode Island
  • Kate Gallivan, 32, a real estate agent from Lake Hollywood, California
  • Kira Mengistu, 32, a physician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Lyndsey Windham, 28, an industrial sales representative from Houston, Texas
  • Mara Agreat, 32, an entrepreneur from Collingswood, New Jersey
  • Marlena Wesh, 30, a former olympian from Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Sarah Hamrick, 23, a wealth management advisor from New York City, New York
  • Serene Russell, 26, an elementary school teacher from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Shanae Ankney, 29, a recruiter from Sycamore, Ohio
  • Sierra Jackson, 26, a recruiting coordinator from Dallas, Texas
  • Teddi Wright, 24, a surgical unit nurse from Highland, California

“Seventeen women will come together to hash out their differences, clear up any misunderstandings and apologize (or not) for bad behavior; but will it all be taken in stride, or will some ladies be hung out to dry?” according to the episode description. “Later, the pressure is on when the Bachelor himself, Clayton, steps into the hot seat—these women aren’t holding back! Plus, a few special surprises and everyone’s favorite—bloopers!”

5 Women Take the Hot Seat

Five women take the hot seat during the “Women Tell All” special. Reality Steve reported that they include Teddi Wright, Serene Russell, Sarah Hamrick and Shanae Ankney.

While there is some drama during Hamrick and Ankney’s turns, Reality Steve noted that Wright and Russell’s turns “went as you would expect.”

Additionally, Salley Carson takes the hot seat but never joins the 17 other women.

Carson was the woman who self-eliminated before the season started, having a rough time coming out of a broken engagement. According to Reality Steve, she explained that she does not have any regrets for going on the show, but experienced a lot of emotions in the hotel. He reported that she did not apply, but instead was nominated to join the cast.

Shanae Ankney Is Not Apologetic

Shanae Ankney is not apologetic for her time on “The Bachelor,” according to Reality Steve. He reported that while she did not want to attend the “Women Tell All” taping, she claimed she “had” to show up.

When confronted by Genevieve Parisi over Ankney’s claims she was an “actress,” Reality Steve revealed Ankney accused Parisi of having sex with “Matt the Bartender” and Aaron Clancy. He noted that Matt is a bartender based in Toronto, Canada and Clancy appeared once in Parisi’s Instagram story. According to the Bachelor Nation blogger, Ankney provided no evidence to back up her claims.

After the women saw Ankney’s unedited comments, nothing was resolved.

For his part, Echard does apologize for his decision-making surrounding Ankney.

Sarah Hamrick Was Called Out for Lying

Sarah Hamrick also faced backlash during her turn in the hot seat.

According to Reality Steve, Teddi Wright confronts her about lying over claims she and Clayton cried together. She was also gets accused of “training” before going on “The Bachelor” and is friends with previous contestants.

However, some women backed up the 23-year-old over Echard’s accusation that her tears were fake.

Hamrick eventually confronts Echard, specifically over their date in Croatia.

According to Reality Steve, she “basically confronted Clayton with he had an entire day portion in Croatia with her where everything was great (which was never shown to us the audience), then at night he drops that bomb on her. Clayton said he still questioned what happened with them and he realizes he probably went about in the wrong way.”

Cassidy Timbrooks Faces Backlash

Cassidey Timbrooks does not sit in the hot seat, as Reality Steve reveals, but still faced backlash.

Reality Steve reported that the “women did go after her for coming on to the show seemingly treating it like a game and had a whole plan and strategy and just wanted to play a role.”

She maintains that is not true.

Host Jesse Palmer Teases an Uncertain Finale

Former Bachelor-turned host, Jesse Palmer, says during the “Women Tell All” taping that “I don’t know how the journey ends,” Reality Steve reported.

This seems to back up a February 2022 tweet from the show’s creator, Mike Fleiss, who wrote “Major Historic Announcement! This season’s finale of #TheBachelorABC is totally spoiler-proof. No one knows how it will end, cuz it ain’t over til its over! And it aint’ over…”

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