‘The Boys’ Season 3 Updates: Release Date Predictions & Cast Spoilers

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Most fans of The Boys know by now that the series was renewed for a third season on Amazon. In fact, Season 3 of The Boys was announced even before Season 2 first premiered on Amazon Prime. Here’s what we know so far about the third season, including what cast members you can expect to see.

This article has minor spoilers for Season 3. 

Season 3 Won’t Likely Release on Amazon Until Sometime in 2022, Since It Begins Filming in February 2021

It’s going to be a while before you’ll get to see Season 3 on Amazon. The third season doesn’t even begin filming until February 2021. According to Current Productions, filming for Season 3 is currently scheduled to take place from February 1, 2021, to August 12, 2021 in Toronto.

In contrast, the principal photography for Season 2 took place from June 17-November 13, 2019 in Toronto. So this means you likely won’t see The Boys until sometime in 2022.

Jensen Ackles Is Portraying Soldier Boy in Season 3

Jensen Ackles will play Soldier Boy in Season 3, according to a post shared by The Boys’ official Instagram page.

In the comics, Soldier Boy is a Captain America type spoof. Will Soldier Boy be the same in the TV show? That remains to be seen. The Boys Instagram post was a repost of what Ackles himself originally shared.

Variety reported that showrunner Eric Kripke said in a statement: “When I was a child, I had a crazy, impossible dream — to provide Jensen Ackles with gainful employment. I’m happy to say that dream has come true. Jensen is an amazing actor, an even better person, smells like warm chocolate chip cookies, and I consider him a brother. As Soldier Boy, the very first superhero, he’ll bring so much humor, pathos, and danger to the role. I can’t wait to be on set with him again, and bring a bit of ‘Supernatural’ to ‘The Boys.'”

Season 3 Character Poster for Soldier Boy. from TheBoys

Ackles’ previous credits include playing lead character Dean Winchester on Supernatural, along with appearances including Kings of Con, The Hillywood Show, Ten Inch Hero, My Bloody Valentine, Smallville (Jason Teague for 22 episodes), Dawson’s Creek (C.J. for 12 episodes), Dark Angel (Alex/Ben/etc. for 22 episodes), Day of Our Lives (Eric Brady for 115 episodes), Mr. Rhodes, and more. He’s had a prolific career.

‘Love Sausage’ Might Be Back

In the NYCC panel for The Boys, Kripke also revealed that we might see more of “Love Sausage.” Kripke said: “According to the writers, this is not the last time that Love Sausage is going to be seen with Mother’s Milk.”

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Kripke Said Homelander Will be a ‘Homicidal Maniac’ in Season 3

Antony Starr, who plays Homelander, told Inverse in an interview to think “homicidal maniac” when it comes to how Homelander will be portrayed in Season 3. He said that in a conversation with Kripke about the new season, Kripke summed up Homelander to Starr this way: ” Here’s the only two words I’ll tell you about Homelander in Season 3: Homicidal. Maniac.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Talks for Season 3, But Role Is Unclear

Fans are hoping to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan in The Walking Dead, star in The Boys Season 3. In early July, Kripke confirmed that they were talking to Morgan about joining the cast after Morgan made a public post about wanting to join the show, Comicbook.com reported.

At the time, Kripke said about the negotiations:

There’s one role we’re already talking about. He has to, uh, we have to like coordinate. Because you know, he’s on The Walking Dead, so he has another home. But we already talked about one role, and there might be a potential other that we’re talking about. But we are, just this past week we were literally texting back and forth about trying to figure out how to get him on the show. I don’t think it’s a done deal yet, but the will is there, and we’re both talking about it.”

But now things are shakier because of the pandemic. Kripke said that new health protocols meant that Morgan, who’s still playing Negan on The Walking Dead, would have to quarantine for two weeks before joining filming, CBR reported. That might change if the quarantine requirement is ever removed. But right now, since Morgan’s schedule only lets him film a few days at a time, the quarantine might make it impossible to film for both, Screen Rant reported.

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