Ashley Wahler Says ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Cast is ‘Privileged’

Ashley Wahler

Getty Ashley Wahler

The cast of “The Hills: New Beginnings” has made headlines for their rocky relationships on camera, but it sounds like a lot went on off-camera as well.

In an interview on the “Bougie Adjacent” podcast with Amanda Lauren, “Hills” star Ashley Wahler talked about the most recent season of the MTV reality show that filmed over 14 months due to a production shutdown during the pandemic, and she admitted that the experience was difficult.

Wahler, who is married to original “Hills” star Jason Wahler, said, “There were a lot of tears that went into this season. From producers, from people working behind the scenes.”

“It was really difficult,” she added. “We don’t have the easiest cast to work with. People that didn’t want to show up,  that didn’t want to do this, because they didn’t have this, or they didn’t have that…It’s like, okay, you know what,  we’re all so privileged from this cast, just show up for your f**ing job. We should be so grateful we’re able to work during the pandemic. People don’t have jobs, people can’t even get jobs and we’re sitting here complaining? Like, give me a break. I can’t.”

Ashley Wahler Said ‘The Hills’ Production Crew Has the ‘Hardest Job in the World’

The Hills Cast

GettyThe cast of “The Hills: New Beginnings” Justin Bobby Brescia, Jennifer Delgado, Frankie Delgado, Brody Jenner, Kaitlynn Carter Jenner, Jason Wahler, Ashley Wahler, Brandon Thomas Lee, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, Mischa Barton, Stephanie Pratt and singer Natasha Bedingfield attend the party for the premiere of MTV’s “The Hills: New Beginnings” at Liaison on June 19, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

Wahler said ‘The Hills” production crew has the hardest job. She noted that while filming during the pandemic, the crew members were fully masked and wore goggles as they held “hundreds of pounds” of camera weight to get their shots.

‘They have the hardest job in the world,” she said. “I mean we just get to show up, glamorize, and like walking on camera and have conversations. We’re so lucky. These people are working their a** off trying to kill it to make a show great.”

Wahler also called out her co-star  Spencer Pratt and his wife Heidi Montag for being disrespectful to the show’s hard-working production crew in recent interviews.

‘That just kind of rubbed me the wrong way,” she said of Pratt’s past negative comments. “Like talk about the cast. Don’t s*** on the show. And it’s a great show.”

“It’s kinda sad because when you hear about the things they say about the show and everyone’s such an awful person,” Wahler continued. “You’re literally saying these things and you’re not hurting [the cast] — we don’t really care what you say about us — you’re hurting the people behind the scenes that worked their a** off for 14 months on this show.”

“If they don’t get a third season, they might not get another job,” Wahler continued of the crew. “So by you sitting there and just reaming the show and talking about how horrible it is, it really hurts all the people in post that worked so hard to edit it, that worked so hard to be there filming it…. Here are all these people that put their lives on the line, gotten tests every day, having to isolate from family members… and you’re sitting there saying, ‘No, worst show ever, we don’t want anything to do with it, new cast, never coming back. You can have all those feelings, but don’t discredit all those people that worked the hardest, which is not you because you’re getting the biggest paycheck probably out of everybody in this cast.”

Spencer Pratt Trashed ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

GettySpencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

Pratt told the “Unpopular” podcast that “The Hills” cast members are “shady” and only showed filtered versions of themselves on camera, which resulted in boring storylines.

“The weirdest part of this cast…they have everything [about their personal lives] on Google but don’t discuss it on the reality show,” he said. “TMZ gets more ratings than ‘The Hills.’”

Pratt also claimed that MTV ignores the show and network executives don’t even realize it’s on the air.

As the most recent season of “The Hills” aired, Pratt took to social media to declare one installment the “worst episode of reality TV I have ever watched,” according to Us Weekly.

“That footage didn’t deserve cloud space,” he added.

Pratt, who called his co-stars “boring” and “losers,” also told the Hollywood Raw podcast that the production team had nothing to work with so they pieced together a lackluster show.

“The producers had nothing, so they went with nothing, because there’s nothing here, and it just looks like that,” he said.

Pratt also accused one producer of enabling a “garbage” storyline about the cast ambushing him and Montag.

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