Kaitlynn Carter Reveals Why She Had to Pretend She Wasn’t Pregnant on ‘The Hills’

Kaitlynn Carter

Getty Kaitlynn Carter attends a private event with the cast of MTV's "The Hills" hosted by Cure Addiction Now & The Red Songbird Foundation on March 05, 2021 in Corona del Mar, California.

The Hills has long been rumored to be a “scripted” series. When the MTV hit ended its original run in 2010 with a cryptic final scene with Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner saying goodbye, the scene ended with the camera pulling back to reveal a sound stage and camera crew on-site, leaving fans to debate the “reality” of the reality show.

Series creator Adam DiVello told MTV, “We had joked early on about different ways to do kind of a wink to whether it was real or not.”

More than a decade later, ‘The Hills: New Beginnings” revival is under similar scrutiny, but series star Kaitlynn Carter recently set the record straight when an Instagram follower questioned one of her scenes.

Carter Teased That She Had to ‘Act’ Like She Wasn’t Pregnant During Filming


Carter, who recently revealed she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Kristopher Brock, spent the early part of “The Hills: New Beginnings'” sophomore season being annoyed by her ex,  Brody Jenner’s flirty relationship with Audrina Patridge.

On social media, some “Hills” fans noted that in some scenes and confessional interviews, it was obvious that Carter was pregnant. After her new beau was introduced in just one episode, Carter’s pregnancy news was finally revealed on-camera.

On Instagram, the MTV star shared a pic from a scene from the show and captioned it, “A game where I try to act like I’m not clearly pregnant for the rest of @thehills season and everyone insists that I’m totally pulling it off.”

“Hahaha yessssss. You actually were really good at it!” replied “Hills” co-star Caroline D’Amore.

But after a follower posted a comment to the post that read, “This comment pretty much just reminds us it’s all scripted!! Which I feel is common knowledge by now, but it’s something you never want to be reminded of,” Carter issued an explanation.

“The show isn’t scripted,” Carter wrote. “It follows our lives but sometimes things need to be filmed in order and on tricky schedules cause of Covid so we have to wait to discuss certain things sometimes.”

Several Other ‘Hills’ Stars Have Confirmed That Some Scenes Are Scripted

Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner

Getty Kristin Cavallari (L) and Brody Jenner attend MTV’s “The Hills Live: A Hollywood Ending” Finale event held at The Roosevelt Hotel on July 13, 2010 in Hollywood, California

It is common knowledge that “The Hills” isn’t the “most real” reality show out there.  During a recent interview on the “Hollywood Raw” podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn, Spencer Pratt dished that none of the stars on the show really show their authentic selves on camera.

According to Insider, multiple plotlines from the original series were “manufactured for on-screen drama,” including Heidi Montag’s phony promotion at Bolthouse Productions, a place she never even worked.

“I pretend worked there, so it was obviously a pretend promotion,” Montag told BuzzFeed in 2016. “That whole plot was scripted.”

In an interview with Vogue, Whitney Port also revealed that a storyline about her taking Lauren Conrad’s place for a Vogue internship in Paris was totally scripted.

According to Port, after she and Conrad filmed a departure scene at LAX, they both turned around and went home because she wasn’t actually flying to France.

“That was so ridiculous,” Port said. “I got dressed up in an airport look and went for it.”

And Kristin Cavallari once revealed that she “faked” her relationship with Brody Jenner on the show. According to E! News,  Cavallari admitted that Jenner was actually dating model Jayde Nicole the entire time the storyline of her scripted romance with him played out on the MTV show.

“I faked relationships, faked fights. I don’t care anymore—I can tell you. At this point, it’s been so many years,”  she said on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show. “On the show, on The Hills, they had [Brody and I] ‘dating’ for a few episodes. They pretended that him and Jayde broke up and I was dating Brody, and Jayde and I got into a huge fight because she saw us in a club. It wasn’t real at all. They were together the entire time.”

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