Lauren Conrad Shows Off Her Spookiest Halloween Costumes: PHOTOS

Lauren Conrad

Getty Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is a Halloween queen. The 35-year-old former “The Hills” star goes all out for the October holiday and makes it an annual tradition to share the details on her costumes with her fans.

Sometimes her costumes are more “cute” than creepy.  In 2012, the former reality star dressed as Mary Poppins for a Hollywood Halloween party, per Us Weekly. Conrad has also channeled her inner Minnie Mouse on more than one occasion, according to People. And she once put together an adorable reindeer getup.

But Conrad has also scared up some spooky costumes, especially in recent years, as can be seen from her social media slideshows.

Conrad Has Dressed Up As Frankenstein, a Spooky Spirit & the Terrorized Leading Lady from ‘The Birds’


In 2018, Conrad changed things up by dressing up as the Melanie Daniels character from the 1963 horror movie “The Birds.” The fashion designer recreated Tippi Hedrin’s character, complete with birds in her hair.

“This year I wanted to depart from the cutesy costumes of Halloweens past and step into something a little more… spooky,” Conrad wrote on her blog that year. “Inspired by the classic horror flick, I channeled my inner Hitchcock character and created my best Melanie Daniels from ‘The Birds.’ As seen on the movie poster, my costume depicts the famous bird attack that leaves Ms. Daniels terrified and full of bird scratches. I even bribed a little birdie to stand in as my sidekick.”

That “little birdie” was Conrad’s son, Liam.  On her Instagram page, the young mom shared a pic of her toddler son dressed in a black feathered blackbird costume, with the caption, “I hope this little blackbird grows to [love] this holiday as much as I do!”

The following year, Conrad dressed as a “Spooky Spirit.” She wore a white-blonde wig and pale face makeup for the look.

In a post on her blog, the lifestyle guru told fans, “As you’ve probably noticed, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I don’t hesitate to go all out when it comes to costumes… I’ve experimented with all kinds of looks from spooky to sweet. This year I’ll be putting my spin on the most classic Halloween costume (and leaning into my under eye circles #NewbornLife) by going as a ghost!”

She added that she was hosting an adult Halloween party after taking her son out for trick-or-treating, and planned to add some “spooky glamour” to her look.

Conrad Once Revealed Her ‘Worst’ Halloween Costume

While her spooky 2019 ghost was a hit, a prior ghostly costume was a major miss. In 2009, during her “Hills” heyday, Conrad told MTV that back in the day she was not so thoughtful with her Halloween costume planning. She recalled a white sheet ghost get-up that was super lame.

“I always leave it to the last minute,” she said of her Halloween costumes. “I remember one year, it was Halloween, and I didn’t have a costume. I took a sheet, like TV shows [and] cut the holes [to] be a ghost. It was the worst costume ever.”

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