‘The Mandalorian’ Error Code 41: What To Do If You Can’t Watch the New Episode

Disney Plus The Mandalorian Season 2

Viewers are excited about the newest episode of The Mandalorian, with Season 2 premiering today. But many haven’t been able to watch the premiere when it was supposed to release at 3:01 a.m. Eastern because they’re seeing “Error Code 41” on the Disney Plus screen. Here’s a look at what Error Code 41 means and how you might be able to bypass it to still watch the new episode.

Some Viewers Are Seeing an ‘Error 41’ Message When Trying to Play the Season 2 Premiere

For some viewers, Season 2 Episode 1 is appearing on the Disney+ page for The Mandalorian, but when they try to play the episode, they’re getting an “Error 41” message.

The error code screen looks like this:


The error reads: “The requested media is not available. Please try again. If you continue to have problems, please contact Disney+ Subscription Support. (Error Code 41.)”

Although some people are able to access the new episode, which they’ve confirmed is 55 minutes long, others simply can’t get the new episode to play. Disney had confirmed with Heavy that the episode was releasing today at 12:01 a.m. Pacific. So this definitely is an unexpected issue.

On The Mandalorian subreddit, viewers are talking about encountering this error.

Users reported the error on Xbox, PS4, and other devices.

Try Accessing the Episode from a Different Device or from Your Desktop’s Browser

Heavy encountered this error when trying to play the episode on the TV OS app. When trying to play the episode on Apple TV, the new season wasn’t listed on The Mandalorian page at all.

However, Heavy was able to make the new episode play when accessing Disney+ through the Chrome browser on desktop. This avoided the error. Once leaving the page, the episode couldn’t be accessed again even though it had worked just a few minutes earlier until waiting for about five minutes and refreshing the page. So if you’re getting the error on your device, try accessing the episode from a desktop browser instead. But don’t close the tab if it starts to work for you.

One user said they were able to get the episode to play on their phone.

The Error Might Mean the Servers Are Overloaded

On the Disney+ help page, there’s an explanation for Error Code 41. The explanation reads:

This means that the video you are trying to watch cannot be watched at this time. This could be a rights availability or internal system issue. If this problem continues, please contact Customer Service at one of the channels below for assistance.

This may mean that restarting your device or simply waiting for a few minutes might cause the error to go away. It’s not clear exactly why this error is showing for the new episode of The Mandalorian. 

However, Lifewire reported that this error code might also appear when the servers are overloaded, and it can help to refresh or reload the video a few minutes later. It is sometimes just a brief glitch. Or you might try to play a video from a different show and then return to that video. As mentioned in the previous section, watching on a different device might also fix the problem.

Restarting your device or, as a last resort, deleting and restoring your Disney+ app might also help.

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