Producer Says ‘The Masked Singer’ Finale Guesses Are Wrong

The Masked Singer Crocodile

FOX Crocodile in the “The Group B Finals – The Mask Chance Saloon” episode of THE MASKED SINGER.

The season finale of The Masked Singer airs tonight, and that means that all of the singers behind the mask will be revealed by the end of the night. Usually, at this point in the season, there’s some confidence as to who’s behind what masks, but this time, a producer says the guesses have been incorrect.

Craig Plestis, the series executive producer, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about what to expect during the finale. During the interview, he shared that some of the best performances of the season should be expected including one special performance.

“We have a group performance of all three finalists singing ‘Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home,’ which is an awesome performance,” he told the outlet. “So you have a live feel right from the get go for the two hours. It just escalates with some more last minute clues, and then we have our final selection of Mushroom, Crocodile and Sun competing for the Golden Mask.”

Plestis Insists the Guesses Have Been Wrong

Of course, there are always incorrect guesses leading up to the season finale of The Masked Singer, as it’s the nature of the show to hide the identities of the performers until the very end.

“We have some of the show’s best clue packages that come out for some final guessing, for the people who don’t go to Reddit or Twitter,” Plestis told Entertainment Weekly. “And by the way, on some of [the Internet’s guesses], they’re wrong. I go there every single night, and there’s a couple of people they don’t have yet, so I’m really interested to see the reaction of that.”

He didn’t say that all of the guesses are wrong, which is notable, as viewers often figure out the identities before the panel does if only because they have much more time to work through clues and consider the performances.

The Executive Producer Gave a Peek Into Season 5

The Masked Singer will return for season 5, and Plestis gave Entertainment Weekly a sneak peek on what to expect next season including the return of the Golden Eartrophy.

“For casting, just so you know, there’s going to be a couple unbelievable surprises that we’ve never done before,” he shared. “Unbelievable.”

He said that though there were amazing singers in season 4, it’ll seem like nothing compared to the type of talent they got to come on the show in season 5. There is not yet a premiere date for season 5, though it is expected in 2021.

The Masked Dancer, a spinoff series from The Masked Singer, premieres on December 27 on Fox. While the concept might seem like it’ll be more difficult for panelists, the show has introduced a new clue called the “word up” segment.

“The panelists hear the dancers’ actual voice for the first time speaking with a clue, which has been huge,” Plestis said. “It was very scary trying to do that because we thought ‘are we giving away too much?’ But it really did spark a lot of conversation.”

The Masked Singer season finale airs on Wednesday, December 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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