‘The Masked Singer’ Live Spoilers: Who Got Eliminated? 5/12/2021

Eliminated on The Masked Singer Tonight

Fox Ken Jeong in “The Quarter Finals - Five Fan Favorites!” episode of THE MASKED SINGER.

“The Masked Singer” is in full swing and episode 11 of season 5 has aired. The final 5 competitors took the stage to perform and, at the end of the night, one of the disguised celebrities was unmasked.


Read on below for the spoilers on who gets unmasked, along with some of the clues and guesses from the episode. If you’d like to skip right to who was unmasked, feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the article.

“The Masked Singer” Season 5 Episode 11 Recap

To kick off the quarterfinals, the show featured a video, giving a rundown of the remaining contenders – the Black Swan, Russian Dolls, Chameleon, Piglet, and Yeti.

Joining tonight’s panel was guest panelist, comedian Rob Riggle.

The Russian Dolls were the first to compete in the quarterfinals and they said their inspiration in their careers has been Weird Al Yankovic. And, they said he has given them great direction in their lives.

For the dolls’ performance tonight, they sang Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing.”

Following the fun performance, host Nick Cannon read a letter to the Russian Dolls from their celeb superfan.

Ken Jeong’s guess for the Russian Dolls was Barenaked Ladies, but Nicole Scherzinger said she definitely knew who the dolls were … Hanson.

Black Swan was the next up and she said she’d been afraid to take risks in her career. She said that this competition was something she needed to do and that her favorite music artist is Cher. For Black Swan’s performance, she delivered a rendition of Ed Sheeran’s song “Thinking Out Loud.” The judges gushed over the performance.

Black Swan then got a letter that revealed she was “on Oprah” and “recently got the recognition she deserved.”

Robin Thicke said that he thought Normani might be the disguised celebrity in the swan costume.

The Piglet then revealed some clues and said he’s been a “serious guy” for his entire life and that he’s always wanted to be an action star. In turn, Bruce Willis has been his idol.

Piglet stunned with his performance of “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder, opening with an operatic run.

Piglet’s mail revealed he was “discovered in the ’90s.”

Jenny McCarthy’s guess was Justin Timberlake, while Robin Thicke guessed Nick Lachey from 98 Degrees.

Yeti then took the stage in rollerblades. He said that one of his inspirations in his career has been Diddy, who he’s actually worked with.

For his performance, he sang “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts.

In a letter for the Yeti, he was called a “quadruple threat.”

Ken Jeong’s guess for Yeti was Twista, but he was interrupted by McCarthy, who guessed T-Pain and Ne-Yo. But soon, they were interrupted by Cluedoodle-Doo, a non-competing participant. He said they were way off in their guesses. He also said he’s be revealing his own identity on the next show.

Chameleon was next and he said in his clues that he’s not a singer but had a theater background. He said he just wanted his family to be proud of him. As for his inspiration, he credited Jackie Chan with the honor.

“Drop It Like It’s Hot” was Chameleon’s song choice for tonight and when he read his letter, it revealed he’s a friend of Martha Stewart.

Who Got Eliminated

Russian Dolls Masked Singer

FOXRussian Dolls in “The Quarter Finals – Five Fan Favorites!” episode of “The Masked Singer.”

Nick Cannon said this was one of the closest votes of the season but the audience ultimately voted off the Russian Dolls. This appeared to surprise the judges and Scherzinger said she was sad about the elimination.

Before getting unmasked, Scherzinger said her final guess was Hanson. Thicke followed that up with his guess of Sugarland. Then, McCarthy said she agreed with Scherzinger about Hanson. Jeong’s guess was the Jonas Brothers. Lastly, Riggle said he too thought the Russian Dolls were Hanson.

And … the majority ruled. The Russian Dolls were Hanson.

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