Is ‘The Masked Singer’ on Tonight? When is the Next New Episode?


Fox’s hit reality competition The Masked Singer is heating up for season 4 with finals coming up in the next few weeks.

A new episode of The Masked Singer will not air tonight, November 25. The next new episode of the show will air on Thursday, November 26 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. 

According to the episode synopsis, the next new episode is the finals for Group C. The singers are all currently competing for a spot in the “Super Six.”

Following that, the next new episode will be “The Super Six” and is the beginning of the semi-finals. All of the singers left from each of the groups come together to compete against one another.

‘The Masked Singer’ Season 4 Schedule

Here’s what we know about the rest of the season for The Masked Singer: 

Wednesday, November 25: No new episode of The Masked Singer. 

Thursday, November 26: In a special night Thanksgiving episode, Jay Pharoah will be a panelist for the Group C Finals. Competing are Jellyfish, Broccoli and Mushroom. One singer will be eliminated.

Wednesday, December 2: The “Super Six” Semi-Finals will take place. Craig Robinson will join as a guest panelist, and three performers will be eliminated.

Wednesday, December 9: A special Holiday sing-a-long episode of The Masked Singer will air. The episode will feature no eliminations, and it will be full of holiday jingles.

Wednesday, December 16: The season finale for The Masked Singer season 4 will air. Following the Holiday sing-a-long episode, the finale will be holiday-themed as well. All three finalists will sing “Baby, Please Come Home” together, and all of them will be unmasked.

Who Is Left on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 4?

There are currently seven performers left on The Masked Singer, but that number will be down to just six by the end of Thanksgiving night.

Out of Broccoli, Jellyfish, and Mushroom, two will move on to the “Super Six” semifinals, and they’ll join Sun, Seahorse, Popcorn, and Crocodile.

Last week on The Masked Singer, contestants in Group B took to the stage, and the episode featured a double unmasking.

First, Whatchamacallit was unmasked, revealing NBA superstar and rapper Lonzo Ball. Kim Jeong was the only panelist to guess correctly, and he said he was a huge fan of the rapper and NBA star.

Then, The Serpent was unmasked, revealing Dr. Elvis Francois, a viral singer and first responder. Panelist Nicole Scherzinger had it right, and she was the only one to guess the correct name.

As for the remaining contestants on the show, they could still be anyone. Some guesses for the Seahorse include Kelly Pickler or Sia. For the Popcorn, top guesses include Katy Perry or Vanessa Williams, but the panelists have also thought it could by Cyndi Lauper or Anita Baker. For the Sun, top guesses include LeeAnn Rimes or Demi Lovato.

The Masked Singer airs on Fox at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Wednesdays. Tune in for a special Thursday episode of the show on November 26 to see who makes it through to the finale.

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