‘The Voice’ 2021 Winners: Top 10 Contestants & Live Results

The Voice Live Recap Spoilers

NBC "The Voice" narrowed the pool of contestants down to the top 10.

The Tuesday, November 16, 2021, episode of NBC’sThe Voice” revealed the top 10 contestants heading into next week’s live show. Viewers voted to save 9 artists, and then the bottom two competed for one Wildcard Instant Save spot.

We’ve got all the details on Tuesday night’s episode below.

MAJOR SPOILER WARNING: Do not read on if you don’t want to know who was eliminated during the November 23 episode of “The Voice.” 

If you don’t want the full recap, go ahead and scroll to the bottom of this post to see a list of which contestants made it through to the next round.

‘The Voice’ Top 11 Reveal Live Recap

The episode began with Carson Daly welcoming coaches Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, John Legend and Blake Shelton as well as the audience. Then, the top 11 contestants were welcomed to the stage.

Carson then went around and asked a few questions of some of the contestants in a move that fans are not fans of. He spoke with both Hailey Mia and Wendy Moten.

The first two artists marked safe were Joshua Vacanti and Hailey Mia.

Then, Ariana Grande took the stage with her remaining artists to perform, which was followed by a clip of Ariana and Blake carpooling together in a skit.

The remaining nine artists then returned to the stage, and Carson sent some questions over to Girl Named Tom and Jershika. Team Blake’s Paris Winningham was then announced safe, followed by Team Ariana’s Holly Forbes.

After a short break, Team Blake’s Wendy Moten was marked safe as well as Team Kelly’s Girl Named Tom. In the same round, Team Blake’s Lana Scott was announced to be moving on.

After a performance from Team Blake, Jeremy Rosado from Team Kelly was announced to be safe followed by Team Legend’s Jershika Maple.

That meant the bottom two were Team Ariana’s Jim and Sasha Allen and Team Kelly’s Gymani.

Gymani performed “Tell Me Something Good” for her last chance of staying in the competition.

John Legend told her that he loved how “unstoppable” Gymani is every time she performs.

“You’ve been put in this position two weeks in a row, and you had a little stumble at the beginning of this performance but you recovered with so much grace… you were wailing out there! I love when you hit those big notes,” he shared.

Jim and Sasha Allen then took the stage to perform “I Won’t Give Up.”

Blake thought the performance was great, agreeing with the audience.

“You have such a big fan base, and we’ve seen more steady growth with you two than I feel like we’ve seen with anybody in the competition, so I’m a little surprised to see you guys here, but this competition is tough, it’s rough,” Blake told them.

Ariana said that they did not deserve to be in the bottom two and that they have “consistently delivered some of the best performances of the season,” pointing out their “vocal harmonies” and more.

Clarkson also said that she was shocked Gymani was in the bottom two.

The winner of the Wildcard Instant Save was Jim and Sasha Allen. That meant that Gymani was sent home.

‘The Voice’ 2021: Who Was Eliminated & Who Made It Through?

Here’s who made it through to the top 10: 

Team Legend: 

  • Joshua Vacanti
  • Jershika Maple

Team Kelly: 

  • Hailey Mia
  • Girl Named Tom
  • Jeremy Rosado

Team Blake

  • Paris Winningham
  • Wendy Moten
  • Lana Scott

Team Ariana

  • Holly Forbes
  • Jim and Sasha Allen

Team Kelly’s Gymani was eliminated. 

“The Voice” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on NBC.

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