WATCH: John Legend Harmonizes With Four-Chair-Turn Contestant

John Legend

NBC John Legend as a coach on "The Voice."

When all four coaches turn around on “The Voice,” you know the person singing is a special talent.

Texas native Aaron Hines got all four coaches to turn for his performance of “Heartbreak Anniversary” by Giveon. Kelly Clarkson and John Legend turned around at about the same time, with Ariana Grande close behind them. After a particularly soulful riff, Blake Shelton became the last coach to turn.

Hines couldn’t resist telling John Legend that he’s performed his song “All of Me” at countless weddings. “Sing a little bit for us,” said Legend. When Hines obliged his request, Legend jumped in with some harmonies. “This moment is crazy,” said Hines.

Watch Hines’ performance and Legend’s harmonization below.

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The Coaches Fought Over Hines

After Legend’s special moment with Hines, the “All of Me” singer seemed to think he had getting Hines on his team in the bag. “I’ll let these other coaches discuss what they would have to offer to you,” Legend told Hines confidently.

In her pitch, Kelly Clarkson told Hines that she’s “navigated” a singing competition before. After Shelton poked fun at her use of the word navigated, she said “I am your Magellan for this show.” Grande complimented Hines on his tone and his clean vocal runs.

Blake Shelton referenced season 20 winner Cam Anthony in his pitch, stating that although joining Team Blake wasn’t the “obvious choice for Cam either,” it “worked out pretty well” for him.

Shelton also quipped that although Hines shares a home state with Clarkson, the “Since U Been Gone” singer “abandoned” Texas years ago. “What?! I have family in Texas,” Clarkson retorted. “That’s even sadder, isn’t it?” Shelton joked.

The country singer also jokingly warned Hines that Legend always has his team sing his songs so he can get the royalty payments. Finally, Shelton went after Grande saying the pop star has “never won this show.” Grande shot right back, “I’ve never lost either.”

Whose Team Did Hines Join?

Although Grande made a final plea to Hines by showing him the vocal health kit she gives to everyone on her team, Hines ultimately chose to join Team Kelly.

Clarkson’s team is looking stacked this season. She has three other contestants who got a four-chair-turn from the coaches: Gymani, Girl Named Tom, and Holly Forbes.

Which Contestants Joined Which Teams This Week?

After another week of blind auditions, the coaches’ teams are full of talented contestants. Who are the new additions to each team after another week of blind auditions?

Team Blake

Blake Shelton was the only coach to turn around for Manny Keith, but he gave him a standing ovation for his performance of “Break My Heart” by Dua Lipa. Shelton also welcomed Libianca and Tommy Edwards to his team this week.

Team Ariana

Grande got some talented additions to her team this week in sister trio KCK3, 16-year-old Sophia Bromberg, and Ryleigh Plank who made Grande cry with her performance of Demi Lovato’s “Anyone.” 

Team Legend

Joining Team Legend this week is KJ Jennings, bilingual singer Sabrina Dias, Shadale, and 4-chair-turn contestant Brittany Bree.

Team Kelly

Team Kelly now has Jershika Maple, 17-year-old Xavier Cornell, standard-singing Wyatt Michael, Parker McKay, and of course, Aaron Hines.

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