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Fans of NBC’s “The Voice” who have been watching the show for a long time are calling for the return of an original coach.

Levine was a coach on “The Voice” starting on season one of the competition show, but he left after season 16. His departure from the show was very public, though he’s given many different reasons for why he left, and reports have indicated different reasons as well.

According to TVLine’s 2019 report, Levine and the rest of the season 16 coaches were set to pre-tape the Semifinals that season on a Sunday, but Levine did not want to go. He had no artists remaining on his team at the time, so he had no chance of winning the show.

The Monday following the taping, the four coaches were set to perform in New York. Sources told TV Line that Levine was being difficult and did not want to attend the taping, and he reportedly expressed his frustration openly.

However, as noted by Good Housekeeping, the aforementioned rumors were not confirmed by NBC, so “take it with a grain of salt.”

Now, some fans are calling for Levine to return.

Some Fans Miss Adam Levine

Some fans miss Adam Levine’s presence as a coach on the show.

“I’ve been with the show since S1,” one person wrote on Reddit. “I admit, I also thought the Blake and Adam thing got a bit stale at the middle, but looking at the banter now is just painful. I mean, there are some funny moments, but it seemed kind of forced for me. It’s like they are trying to replace Adam because people have always loved the banter between the coaches.”

They added, “I know that there are some controversies about Adam’s choices on the voice, but it was his opinion. I think if he is passionate about something/someone, he just goes for it.”

People took to the comments to agree for the most part.

“I loved those days too and never thought the banter was cringy,” one person wrote. “I thoroughly enjoy seeing Blake’s interactions with people. He’s really funny, and as someone who has seen live episodes, I’ve found him to be really nice too, even in the way he acknowledges the live audiences.”

In a separate Reddit thread, some said the show has gone downhill since Levine’s exit.

“Season 17 up, the voice became like a sitcom because they tried so hard to recreate Adam vs Blake. The adam and blake thing grew on us naturally since s1 while the blake and kelly thing is so over the top. So over the top that their arguments with each other is overshadowing what the voice is all about, which is the VOICE,” the post reads.

People Have Called for Levine’s Return Before

People on social media have been calling for Levine’s return for years, ever since he left the competition.

Levine is not likely to return anytime soon, however. He has made it clear that he does not have plans to return to the competition show even if he says he loves it and appreciated his time there.

Levine spoke with Howard Stern about how he just needed a break from the show overall.

“The moment I walked away, it felt really good,” he said at the time. “I was beyond fortunate to go through all of it but it got to the point where I got married and had two kids. She’s a great mom, and you’re lucky if you get to fall in love twice.”

In an Instagram Q&A with his fans in the fall of 2020, Levine was asked about returning to “The Voice.”

“Come back to ‘The Voice’?” one of his followers asked.

“No Thanks?” he wrote as a reply.

“The Voice” is set to return to NBC in the fall of 2022. The season will feature coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Camila Cabello, and John Legend.

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Keith Ackerson
Keith Ackerson
20 days ago

Oh whoever says they want his return never saw how he treated his singers on the show. He threw his team member under the bus for another one. I’m glad he’s gone. If I was a singer on the show and had to choose a coach , he’d be the last one I’d pick.

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