Cody Simpson’s Sister Opens up About ‘Voice’ Judge Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus attends Britney Spears' show in Las Vegas.

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During an appearance on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, Cody Simpson’s sister, Alli Simpson, opened up about her brother’s former relationship with Miley Cyrus.

She explained that even though her brother and Miley broke up five months ago, their relationship ended on good terms and Alli has “nothing but love” for the Wrecking Ball singer, in the words of E! Online.

In a clip of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, obtained by The Daily Mail, Alli shared, “I’m a protective sister but I’ve also met her a bunch of times and she’s been nothing but beautiful to me… I’m not gonna like judge on what I read or see and stuff, I’m only gonna go off what Cody says and he loved what they had.”

She added that Cody and Miley used to get “so annoyed” about what they read on gossip sites that they eventually couldn’t stand to look at it.

Alli also explained that during the coronavirus pandemic, Cody and Miley were “practically living together”. When her fellow co-star on the show asked if it was a “real” relationship or just a “bit of fun,” she responded by saying it was “definitely a real relationship,” according to the Daily Mail.

She said that she doesn’t know if the two are still speaking, but knows they are on good terms.

Who Is Cody Dating Today?

These days, Cody is dating model Marloes Stevens, according to The Daily Mail.

The new couple was first linked in November. Their relationship was confirmed when they vacationed together over the holidays.

And one look at Simpson’s Instagram makes it clear that Miley’s fans are not happy about it. One person wrote “#TeamMiley”, while another asked, “Weren’t you dating Miley?”

Alli commented on Stevens, telling The Daily Telegraph, “She is super beautiful and such a caring person so it is nice to see them both so happy. It is really ince.”

Who Is Alli Simpson?

And what do we know about Alli Simpson, the one who dished the news about Miley’s former relationship with Cody to begin with?

Alli, 22, is a singer, actress, dancer, and model. She rose to fame on Youtube and by making vlogs before she started covering songs and gaining even more followers.

Alli’s IMDB quotes her as saying, “My goal in everything I do is to try to encourage my listeners to be themselves and be vulnerable. It is my hope that by sharing, my listeners can learn from my decisions, actions and experiences. Perhaps it will help one of them avoid a mistake or have the courage to act or take a leap of faith. Female empowerment and instilling teenage girls with confidence are really important to me. I want to show young dreamers how they can become something more through hard work and by operating outside the box.”

The performer has appeared on a number of productions, including the TV series Hacking High School, the mini-series Sleep Tight, and the TV Mini-Series Flhaunt. She is in post-production on the film Linked.

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