Anne Heche Had an Eerie Request for a ‘Voice’ Coach

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The late Anne Heche, who died a week after being involved in a terrible car crash, had an odd request of a former “Voice” coach — something that is a bit eerie in light of her recent death.

In what is now her final interview, even though it was recorded months ago but released just after she died, Heche told the podcast “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” that she would love if Miley Cyrus played her in a movie about her life and she gives some fairly solid reasons why.

Heche Felt a Connection With Cyrus Because They Both Played a Dual Role on a TV Show

In the interview, Heche was asked which actress she would want to play her in a movie about her life and she didn’t even hesitate before saying Miley Cyrus or Kristen Bell.

Her reasoning for Cyrus is because both of them played a dual role on a TV series. Heche likened Cyrus’ performance on “Hannah Montana” to her own performance on “Another World.” On “Hannah Montana,” Cyrus played a girl named Miley Stewart who had a pop star alter ego named Hannah Montana, an identity she adopted so that she could live a normal life as a teenager when she was just Miley. Heche starred as Vicky Hudson and Marley Love, identical twins who were raised apart, on “Another World” from 1987 to 1991.

“First of all, the fact that she did ‘Hannah Montana’ … the ability for her to pull that off — I played twins. I’ve seen her Hannah Montana, to be able to do that, to be able to express that, to be able to be as bold as she’s been going from Disney into ‘Wrecking Ball,'” said Heche, adding, “The way she moves, the way she sings, her voice, her compassion, she f***ing loves everybody. Her ability to get on stage and sing a capella, that would be the way that I would see a pure artist engaging with the world with the best time they could ever possibly have. That’s why Miley. And I think she’s a f***ing great actress.

In addition to acting and singing, Cyrus was a coach on “The Voice” for season 11 and season 13 in 2016 and 2017.

Heche Also Said Kristen Bell, Who Played Her Daughter Once

In addition to Cyrus, Heche also named actress Kristen Bell, who starred with Heche as mother and daughter in the 2004 Lifetime movie “Gracie’s Choice,” about a teenage girl (Bell) whose mother is addicted to drugs (Heche), which earned Heche her second Emmy nomination, this one for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie.

“Kristen Bell gave me my second Emmy nomination. She and I played mother and daughter in a Lifetime movie years ago and Kristen, again, felt like a reflection to me. A dedicated — her ability to tell story, do it through joy, do it with her personality, charm, gorgeous timing and humor. I see myself a lot in her, and I don’t think it was any mistake that I played her mom. I want her to play me,” said Heche.

She also said of both Cyrus and Bell that when she thinks about her journey, she thinks both of them could “pull off the humor that I have.”

“The two of them share a personality ability to face the world the way that I would want, I feel like I have and I would want portrayed,” said Heche.

She later added, “And I could play their mom, I could play my mother! Ooh, b****! That would get some ratings.”

Heche and her mother have been estranged since Heche came forward about father of sexually abusing her as a child. A 2009 New York Times profile of Heche details the abuse and what her relationship with her mother is like, which is basically nonexistent since Nancy Heche has always denied her daughter’s claims about her father, and Heche had refused to let her two children ever meet their maternal grandmother.

“My mother’s had a very tragic life. Three of her five children are dead, and her husband is dead. That she is attempting to change gay people into straight people is, in my opinion, a way to keep the pain of the truth out,” siad Heche in the 2009 profile. “People wonder why I am so forthcoming with the truths that have happened in my life, and it’s because the lies that I have been surrounded with and the denial that I was raised in, for better or worse, bore a child of truth and love. My mother preaches to this day the opposite of that core of my life. It is no mistake that she still stands up against love. And one wonders why I’m not rushing to have her meet my children.”

Heche was taken off life support on August 14 after her family had her organs donated. She is survived by two sons — Homer Laffoon Heche, 20, from her marriage to Coley Laffoon, and Atlas Tupper, 13, from her relationship with actor James Tupper, according to People.

“The Voice” will returns for its 22nd season on Monday, September 9 at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on NBC.

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